Cisco 300-420 ENSLD in Detail: Associated Certification, Details, Topics, Practice Tests


Getting certified is what many specialists want to achieve because of the requirements of their job roles or for their own reasons. It is a hot topic for both new specialists and seasoned professionals, so there are always many candidates for the certificates. Knowing about this situation, Cisco offers the whole certification program for interested individuals with any background to let them gain the skills they need. There are different levels of difficulty in this program, and the Cisco 300-420 exam is from the professional-level path known as CCNP Enterprise. Let’s know more about this option and what it can give you.

Cisco 300-420 as Part of CCNP Enterprise

The Cisco Certification is one of six concentration tests that you can choose from to customize your certificate. Cisco offers this choice after passing the core exam to allow you to go for the specialization area you need. This test is all about the design of Cisco enterprise networks and covers the details of network & security services, SDA, WAN, advanced addressing solutions & routing solutions, as well as advanced enterprise campus networks.

Cisco 300-420 and Its Structure

300-420 ENSLD is 90 minutes long, and you will need to deal with about 60 questions within this time. All the items are available in English and Japanese, depending on your choice during registration, and presented in various formats. The types of questions may include fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice with single/multiple responses, as well as drag and drop. To register for the test, you need to visit the Pearson VUE platform and pay $300.

Cisco 300-420 and Its Content

To be able to get a passing score, which is about 825 points, you need to have a good understanding of the exam content. This means that you should prepare with great deliberation and ace all the topics the test contains. All in all, Cisco 300-420 covers the following domains that you need to learn:

  • Network Services – This area includes the information about multicast services, multicast routing concepts, network management techniques, QoS strategies, and end-to-end QoS policies;
  • Advanced Routing Solutions & Addressing Solutions – In this section, you should know about the migration strategies for IPv6, structured addressing plans for IPv4 & IPv6, as well as creative processes required for routing designs for EIGRP, BGP, IS-IS, and OSPF;
  • Automation – As for this topic, the individuals should know about the dial-out & dial-in approaches, model-driven telemetry, , YANG data model sets, RESTCONF, Openconfig, and IETF;
  • WAN for Enterprise Networks – As for this module, it is important to know about the WAN connectivity options, Cisco SD-WAN architecture, high availability, and site-to-site VPN;
  • Advanced Enterprise Campus Networks – The last domain is all about campus Layer 2 & multicampus Layer 3 infrastructures, SD-Access Architecture, as well as fabric design considerations of SD-Access for wired & wireless access.


Knowing the details of the certification test before taking it is an important step that you should make to pass the exam on the first try. Therefore, you should be familiar with its structure, features, and topics. This knowledge will help you form your preparation phase the way you need to have the best results and achieve the passing score. So, get all the needed skills and knowledge and complete Cisco 300-420 with flying colours!


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