I have seen people carrying their guns wherever they go, and I had never seen any consequence of that. The concept of being armed can seem so normal to many people that they do not even bother to know about the laws that may apply to them. But why? It is because people are not aware of their responsibilities towards a country. The world has reported many cases of gun transportation without a CCL. Yes, these illegal activities used to happen in the past few years because of the lawless policies of the policymakers.

There have been years when transporting a gun into a glove box was something necessary. People, while heading towards a mission, always used to carry their heavy gadgets. This was quite a common thing among us. Before, car gun safes were brought in.

But with a new change in law and order, you will have noticed a huge transformation in our society. Today, people can’t carry their valuable weapons with their license. Only a few people will be seen bringing their guns along with them. Yes, now it’s rarely a good idea to put a gun into your glove box.

Can you carry a gun into your glove box? Is it really easy to store the gun in your glove box or a center console? Is that okay? Well, that depends upon several factors. Whether you have a license or a CCL (Concealed Carry Permit)? If so, then you can easily store the gun in the glove box of your car. But in case, if you do not have a license of a CCL, you may get into serious trouble.

Do you know in some parts of the world, carrying firearms inside your car is considered to be hidden? Yes. That means if you have a gun in your glove box, in your coat pocket, stashed in the center console, or even under your seat, the cop will consider it as hidden. Therefore, transporting a gun in a car is not a good idea anymore. But still, if you do not have a CPL and want to carry your gun in a glove box, just make sure that your weapon must be:

  • It must be contained in a type of case that is specifically designed for the transportation of weapons.
  • Make sure that your gun is unloaded.
  • Your gun must be in the trunk of your vehicle. If the vehicle does not have a trunk, keep it in a place where it is not easily accessible to the occupant’s vehicle.


Conclusively, transporting a gun in a glove box can not be done until you have a Concealed Carry Permit. You can neither keep it in the glove box of your car nor another hidden place of the vehicle. However, there are some specific ways to bring your gun and other heavy weapons along with you. But these ways do not apply to every country.


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