7 Business Apps Smart Business Managers Use in 2022


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As a manager, you may wonder how to make your team productive, streamline workflows, and empower people with changing workplace environments. You may face the challenges of remote or hybrid working, where your employees are not available at one location. It will be challenging to maintain the demands. The best thing is your employees have their mobile phones at hand, and you can leverage the benefit of various mobile apps to optimize workforce efficiency and organize daily tasks.

However, there are many mobile applications that offer different features. So we have listed here the top 7 apps for the year 2022 that many business managers are already using and receiving benefits.

Top 7 Business Apps in 2022

All the apps listed below will help you automate and simplify different business processes. They also have key characteristics that make them valuable for businesses. Keep reading further to understand how these feature-rich apps will make a difference to your organization.

Slack – Best for Team Communication

Slack is a go-to business app that helps teams stay on the same page and improve decision-making. Rather than losing track of discussions in trail mail, this app enables you to create a project channel, so all the conversation stays in one place. Overall it is an excellent app for better time management.

It works with an aim to offer a digital HQ where people, systems, customers, and partners can work together as per their preference without any physical barrier existing. In addition, slack is compatible with any device, so you never have to worry about communicating with your team.

Here are some of its remarkable features.

  • Create private or public channels where all the employees can interact and share files securely.
  • You can also use live voice chat using Slack huddles.
  • Connect with other organizations easily and get work done efficiently.
  • Integrate apps you are already using, such as Google Drive, Twitter, Zendesk, Salesforce, Asana, etc.
  • Set up and configure notifications as per your needs.

factoTime – Best for Time Tracking

Another app on the list is factoTime, one of the best mobile apps that enables you to time track at your fingertips. With its powerful report generation capabilities, it offers advanced attendance tracking to you.

It empowers managers and HR to keep a tab on employees’ total worked hours, whether they are at the office, on-field, or in any remote location. This helps them improve employee accountability and productivity. Having a mobile time tracking app at hand also enables organizations to eliminate the risk of contamination due to touch-based biometric systems.

Here are some of its remarkable features.

  • You can configure different pay rates and calculate wages automatically.
  • With its shift scheduling, you can create day, night, and flexible shifts as per your needs.
  • It eliminates buddy punching with the help of its QR code attendance capturing.
  • Get all the required attendance data directly from the admin dashboard.
  • Export various reports like daily selfie punch reports, all-in-one attendance reports, etc., to your mobile.
  • You can also track employees’ exact location along with their captured attendance.

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FreshBooks – Best for Accounting & Invoicing

FreshBooks is developed to give owners and finance teams access to the company’s entire finances, invoicing, and accounting info at their fingertips. Finance is an essential aspect of any company, and simplifying expenses and accounting management saves a lot of time.

With the app, you can check payment status, thus keeping your business ongoing wherever you are. On the whole, it helps you manage your company’s cash flow very conveniently.

Here are some of its remarkable features.

  • It helps you streamline accounting by ensuring compliance and data accuracy.
  • You can generate extensive financial reports for audit purposes to make data-driven decisions.
  • Offer customizable invoices and varied payment methods, and send automatic reminders to your clients.
  • To record a client expense, you can click receipt photos from mobile, organize them and send them to your clients.
  • Integration with other apps like WordPress, Zendesk, PayPal, etc., is also easily possible.
  • Track billable time for your work on the projects and link them to the corresponding invoices.

Trello – Best for Task & Project Management

If you want to keep your and your team’s tasks and projects organized, Trello will work best for you. Here, you can manage any type of workflow, project, or task tracking from any perspective and allow your teammates to collaborate.

Any new member can get along with the ongoing processes and projects with the help of Trello’s intuitive stick-notes-based UI.

Here are some of its remarkable features.

  • It offers customizable boards, lists, and cards to help you organize tasks.
  • Add employees to the board, and assign them tasks to never miss out on any updates.
  • Set up due dates to ensure tasks are finished on time.
  • Attach files along with cards with a simple drag and drop feature and avoid going through endless email inboxes.
  • Integrate your favorite applications like Slack, Google Drive, Outlook, etc., to get the most out of the software.
  • Work smoothly whether you are a team of 50 or 500.

LinkedIn – Best for Professional Networking & Hiring

LinkedIn is the leading business app for connecting with professionals, expanding your network, sharing valuable content, and finding jobs and candidates. It is also an advanced learning app with various courses and topics covered.

You can connect with skilled and talented people from your own domain or any industry experts to seek their advice or understand their business approaches.

Here are some of its remarkable features.

  • You can showcase your profile in the best way possible by writing a summary, emphasizing skills, listing education and work experience, etc.
  • It is a valuable marketing tool to advertise your products, post job vacancies, and follow motivational business leaders.
  • You can follow inspiring and trending content on LinkedIn to make yourself more updated with the community.
  • If you are seeking a job, you can upload your resume on your profile or update that you are open for work.
  • With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, salespeople can connect with prospects and clients and enhance their relationships.
  • Join various groups to stay in line with the top trends and knowledge.

Pipedrive – Best for CRM

Pipedrive is trusted by 100K organizations to manage their sales pipeline and customer relations. It empowers you to ensure that conversations with targeted prospects and customers are prioritized.

Using this, sales teams spend their time selling and attracting customers instead of preparing documents and spreadsheets. It also helps them focus on closing deals whether they are working at the office or from any remote location.

Here are some of its remarkable features.

  • Use pre-built templates or create one to define your sales pipeline, where you can add multiple deals together and monitor the progress.
  • Bring your team together to collaborate on sales deals, know regular updates, and celebrate wins.
  • With the help of its automated real-time alerts, teammates will never miss any updates.
  • Get the complete contact history of any client or prospect with details such as meetings, calls, emails, etc.
  • With its newly developed email marketing solution, you can share marketing campaigns without any other tool required.
  • Dashboard and reporting help you get insights into sales data to empower you in making better decisions.

IDrive – Best for Data Storage

IDrive ranks among the top cloud-based data storage solutions where you can sync your important business files in real-time. Business data is very confidential, and having regular data backup is very important for any organization. IDrive understands this well which is why you can access all the files recorded in the server, even if they are mistakenly removed by you.

It provides robust security to secure your data from hackers or illegal sources. Backing up data from multiple devices to a single account is also possible.

Here are some of its remarkable features.

  • You can back up and restore any essential data directly from your phone.
  • Due to the cloud-based architecture, you can store data on one account from any device and access it from anywhere, anytime.
  • It offers 256-bit AES encryption and a unique user-defined access key for data security.
  • Generate various reports for backup status, activity, etc., to keep yourself updated about all the changes.

Summing Up

You can automate as many business operations as you want using digital technology. Here, we have evaluated many mobile apps to prepare this list of the top ones among the corresponding categories. But as company size and requirements vary, you may figure out that some apps work for you and some don’t. Empower your everyday businesses with an easy to use, fair and transparent tool that staff and managers love. To find a suitable one, you must understand your needs and expectations so that you can always stay a step ahead in business.

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