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Imagine you are a Content creator and want to frame the Content of your blog according to the keyword that people use to make a search. How will you find out those keywords? Well, one way can be searching your topic on Google and looking for “LSI” or “related searches” keywords. The other way could be the use of Google Trends to find out keywords that are being used by people to search for a specific topic. Google Trends help you filter out your keyword with location, time and season, which hardly a Google search provides.

In this article, we will be discussing Google Trends which, according to SEO Toronto experts, can be a useful tool for finding out popular keywords on topics.

Let us dive deep and understand how Google Trends can be leveraged to find out keywords that rank!

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free website that analyses the popularity of Google search queries using actual time data. It helps to measure the popularity as compared to the Search Volumes of a particular keyword. You can find out what people are searching on Google for a particular topic with the help of Google Trends.

4 Ways to Leverage Google Trends for SEO Purposes

Keyword Research

Google Trends can help you in finding keywords that are trending for a particular search query or a topic on Google search. For Instance, Suppose you are a Content creator looking to write a blog on iPhone 14. You can find out the right keywords that are trending for iPhone 14 with the help of Google Trends. This way, it can help you plan and write your Content in a way that answers the search query of the user. You can also add related queries and topics in your Content to cater to the search needs of a wider audience.

Seasonal Trends

It is a Trend that usually arrives after a definite period. For Example, the trend in the purchase of ornaments during Christmas. With the help of Google Trends, you can figure out when to start the marketing strategy to remain ahead of your competitors.

Note: It is always advisable to go back at least a few years back to get accurate Seasonal trend data. You can see the trend data as recent as 1 hour to as old as 2004.

Local SEO

Optimize your local SEO strategy with the help of Google Trends. You can find out what the customers are searching for locally to get a result. For Example, suppose you as a business are into selling Skiing equipment. It is obvious that you will target an area or region that is usually covered with snow where residents love to ski. It helps you to filter your marketing strategy to target users that are interested in buying your product.

Video Search Optimization

Did you know that you can also optimize your youtube videos with Google Trends? You just have to switch from web search to video Search on Google Trends. For Example, Let’s say you have posted a video on YouTube about “Skiing in Canada.”

  • Enter the Query in the Search Bar
  • Switch from Web search to video Search
  • Check out the related topics and queries.

From this data, you will find out that people are searching for cross-country skiing when looking for skiing on youtube. With this data, you will be better prepared to optimize your youtube video title and descriptions with popular search keywords. You can also make a video explaining the difference between normal skiing( Downhill) and cross-country skiing when the season rolls.


Keeping a watch on your competitors can give you ideas that might improve your SEO strategy. The keywords that they are targeting may work for you as well. Put your brand name and your competitor’s brand name in the search bar to compare. The data provided by Google Trends can help you analyze what customers are looking for in your competitors. By doing so, you can optimize your SEO strategy for better results.

Final Words

Google Trends is a powerful tool that can help you optimize your SEO strategy. By keeping track of the latest search trends and analyzing the data, you can uncover valuable insights that will inform your digital marketing efforts.

With Google Trends, you have a reliable source of data that can help you make informed decisions to stay ahead of your competitors. So, whether you’re a blogger or a business, make sure to add Google Trends to your arsenal of tools and use it to its full potential.