The Ultimate Influencer: A Blogger’s Guide to Instagram Promotion


Are you struggling with getting more leads for your website? Do you want to grow your blog’s following and be a major influencer someday?

This is the best time to use Instagram for that.


In fact, despite 200 million users active and about 57% of them access the site every day, only 28% of marketers make use of Instagram for marketing. Don’t waste the opportunity!

Due to its wide reach and engagement, using Instagram as your marketing platform would work wonders for you. To help you get started, here are some tips on how to make use of Instagram promotion:

1. Make Your Presence Known

What is the first step in how to promote yourself on Instagram? You need to make your presence known. If you haven’t made an Instagram account, you definitely need one.

The next step is to set up the information on your Bio. This part is the first impression that people will see before following you. Make use of your Bio to establish your “look” and “voice”.

You can make your Bio short and simple. Set in all necessary details, including contact info or links where they can see more of your content. Keep note that links on Instagram are not clickable but it’s important to have them there.

While you are at it, you might want a good landing page for that.

5 Best Ways to Start with Instagram Marketing

2. Post Quality Content with Consistency

Another thing that you should build on is content. With Instagram, building your engagement would mean being active and consistent with posting. With consistent posting, you will also see an increase in engagement rates.

However, post consistency is only one part of the equation. The other part is in the quality of the content you produce. Photos are among the most common content format on Instagram and it would do you well if the photos are of stellar quality.

Among the ways that you can use for improvement include filters, editing tools, and fonts.

Not only that but also include some variation in your posts. Like some behind-the-scenes, for instance, some slice-of-life pieces, and sneak peek on what you are working on.

3. Follow Other Bloggers and Engage with Them

Instagram, like other social media platforms, emphasizes on the social aspect. You need to connect and engage to grow your audience base. The best way to do this is to follow other bloggers or influencers, interact, and engage with them.

This setup provides mutual benefit as you are supporting them and they will also do the same in return. Being generous with your support can also net you just as much. When people show their support to you, do not forget to thank them.

4. Likes, Shares, Hashtags

These are among the words that you will be encountering a lot on Instagram. Each one has a bearing on your posts and who is able to see them.

First off, hashtags. Using the right hashtags would allow your post to appear on feeds far more likely. This also attracts more people that you can engage and interact with, helping you form your niche.

As for likes and shares, these are what measures your post engagement. More engagement means an increased likelihood of your post appearing as featured on news feeds. There are ways to approach this aspect.

One way to do this is to buy real likes. Another is to step up with how you engage with your audience. Whichever you choose is up to you.

Make Instagram Promotion A Part of You!

Whether it is to promote your blog or to interact with your niche, Instagram is one of the more effective platforms for its reach and ease of use. Consider using Instagram promotion as part of your routine and build your influence with it.

Don’t stop here! We have more guides, tips, and tricks for you to discover so feel free to read what we have to offer. For other ways to boost your website, you can check out this one to find out how you can optimize for maximum return.

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