Biggest digital trends in 2021


The world was praying that 2020 should be the last catastrophic year, but that continued in 2021 in many nations. Nonetheless, we have been on a roller coaster but the world has been moving on that created popular trends in 2021. Let us look at the new trends that have created a spark this year and keeping us going forward.

Evolution of Education

Several platforms opened up in a short period for tutors, schools, universities, colleges, and more. Countries like India have taken a hit during a pandemic, and it has gotten worse during 2021 with COVID Wave Two. Millions of students have been stranded at home, and they have no access to formal education. Fortunately, many schools have stepped up and focusing on teaching the students via the virtual medium.

Students took the classes online, and many companies are providing advanced services to smoothen up the process. Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and third-party developers have brought newer features and solutions in the past two years.


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The rise of cryptocurrency during the 2021 summer is evident, and everyone started to invest in a wide range of digital coins. My siblings and friends have invested a small amount in cryptocurrency, and that’s how much digital currency has grown in the past few months.

Many companies started to accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment and you can use crypto currency to pay in El Salvador is the first nation to make cryptocurrency legal tender in the world and it is only the beginning.


Millions have tuned in and played a few games daily, and it is evident in Play Store stats. Several mobile games were launched on App Store and Play Store, which motivated Android & iOS users to try different games. You can take Among Us, COD Mobile, Roblox, Coin Master, BGMI, Free Fire, Subway Surfers, etc.

A huge spike in the game section increased due to cheaper smartphones available at a respectable price and cheaper 4G plans in several parts of the world. It’s good news for the gaming industry to witness such a remarkable boost in the business, but it won’t last long since everyone is going back to work and school.

Streaming Content

Streaming has taken a huge leap towards the future, where we have witnessed more viewers landing on sites like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and others. The number of streamers has also increased in the past few months, and I have seen upcoming content creators. However, I have noticed that the majority of the new streamers lack passion for it and focusing on it on a short-term basis only.

We will witness new viewers on different platforms, and there will be a similar situation in streamers as well. However, the number has lowered in the past few weeks since several states have opened up the country, so everyone can live a normal life again.


Millions have lost in a matter of weeks after the global lockdown was imposed by the government. However, it has opened up another door for specialized sectors such as delivery, transport, medical, customer support, Engineers, and therapy. Many reputed companies offered a good salary and amenities like no other to attract new workers. However, it wasn’t a piece of good news for the majority since the impact on the economy and recession was inevitable.

Online Fashion

Clothes are a necessity for everyday use, and online shopping sites have seen a spike in orders. Citizens don’t want to travel long-distance and shop like before, so they are ordering online. Online shopping sites are offering good discounts and updating the collection frequently to attract customers again.

Of course, the strategy is working because clothes are a daily necessity and we all need new pair of something frequently. Shopping sites are stepping up the game and promoting new collections during festive seasons, and it’s working like charm.

Entertainment Content

Entertainment is a big part of life, and we need it now, more than before.

Several production houses have stepped up and created new shows, web series, movies, and TV shows. We have seen Amazon Prime Originals and Netflix Originals production houses coming up with new genres and shows every month. They are spending big money on ads to promote the shows as well

Bottom Line

These were the big trends in 2021, and we are witnessing the world evolve in such a short time. We have participated in new trends and are forced to make drastic changes in a short period. Let us know how the pandemic has changed your goals and which trend you have participated in so far in the comment section below.

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