Bigbangram offers a variety of services for Instagram. In today’s model world, there are people who prefer the web platform to sell out their products and to reach out to more number of audiences.

Instagram is the best platform to do so as it lets you show off what you have gone by posting it on the wall or making use of its advertising platform. To make the most of your Instagram, there is a special tool available called BigBangram. Let’s find out what’s new on this platform for the users.

What is BigBangram?

BigBangram is an automation tool to help you grow your Instagram’s followers. The same platform offers a number of useful services to grow your Instagram Community like never before. The platform is 100% safe to use and is not a scam at all. It follows Instagram’s Policy and doesn’t violet it.

BigBangram serves a decent interface where users will have a personal profile with a Dashboard. The dashboard will feature a set of useful sections or tools which you can use for different services offered by it. You can purchase Instagram Followers, Likes etc. as per your requirements from this platform. It gets you real followers from the real profiles.

How does this platform work?

BigBangram is a simple and easy-to-use platform which is fully based on the web. You don’t need to install any kind of application or software for the same. The platform is designed for digital marketers and business owners who can gain more number of followers to promote their products and services.

When you launch its website, you will see different options. You can get more details about this platform and its services from the homepage itself. To use its services, you will have to register yourself on this platform first. Click the Login/ Signup button from the upper right corner.

BigBangram’s official Signup page will be presented on your computer’s screen. Fill in all the required details in the given form. Your account will be created itself with a Username and Password.

Once you logged in to this platform, you will see a clear Dashboard on your screen containing all the useful tools and options. The first thing you will be asked is to add your Instagram account. Click the Add Account button and then enter your Instagram’s Login Credentials I.e. Username and Password.

You’re pretty much ready to use the advanced Instagram Auto-bot now.

Additionally, you can add multiple Instagram accounts to this platform to use its services. All you have to do is click Add Account option and enter Login Credentials. You will be guided through tips and guidelines with every new page or tool you select from the Dashboard. You will not have to get confused while using this platform.

Once you have added your Instagram Account, you will be asked to select the audiences of your type. BigBangram lets you target audience with hashtags, locations, niche etc. You can select the suitable option while you purchase things from the platform.

You just need to select the option “Add new promotion” and then the suitable option to target your audience. There will be a separate search window on the page allowing you to select the location, hashtags, niche etc.

Being an advanced automation tool for Instagram, this platform lets you use advanced setting options for targeting your audience. You can check the Gender, Media Age, Max Following, Max Followers etc. You can also skip business accounts, accounts with phone numbers from this personalized Settings menu which is available for the users.

Interestingly, BigBangram shows you the number of followers and your activities in real time. You can see things on your Dashboard with a clear interface. You can also view your past activities on the same platform and that’s how you can grow your Instagram’s Community.

Let’s take a look on to the features of this platform in a nutshell.

BigBangram: Key Features

  • Easy-to-use platform with simple user-interface
  • Provides proper guidance for the beginners with each step on the platform
  • User can customize the list of Followers
  • Create a Blacklist for the profiles which are not good for you
  • User can target audience with Hashtags, Locations, Competition etc.
  • Buy Likes on your Profile
  • Send Automatic Direct Messages as per your choice
  • Automated Commenting on the selected profiles
  • Automated Follow and Unfollow feature


  • Easy-to-use tool
  • Highly customizable
  • Offers real followers, likes, comments and DMs
  • Works automatically

Final Words:

BigBangram is specially designed for the Instagram professional users who are using Instagram for marketing and other activities. This platform increases the number of followers, likes, comments as per your needs. You can select what you want from your Dashboard. Make sure you choose the right plan while subscribing.


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