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You are an SEO expert. Congratulations. However, SEO is evolving, and it seems Google doesn’t want anyone to be a true master of it. Why? Well, Google updates its search algorithm more than 3000 times a year. Each day, they make more than eight changes daily to their search algorithm. Plus, unlike before, where it was a little game of creating keywords, now Google uses over 200 considerations in how it ranks. Apart from these factors, which people know, some considerations are secret that people don’t know.

We have created a list of SEO tools that can help you monitor and audit your website. Some of these tools used for SEO in China are paid for, and some are free. We factored your budget in creating this list. You are at liberty to choose any of these tools that you want.

The 15 TOOLS

The HubSpot Website Grader

Typically, as an SEO expert, your role is to use the company website to generate quality leads. So, you have to know at all times what you should do to improve website rankings through SEO. The HubSpot Website Grader does this for you. What you need to do is to input your company’s URL. You will receive a report card and then choose a course with HubSpot to improve your website’s SEO.


SEMrush is one of the best tools you can use for SEO auditing. It provides unique keyword help, analyzes competition and content, tracks your and monitors social media chatter. So, it is more than an SEO tool. It is a one-stop digital marketing tool. When it audits your website, it checks issues with your pages, such as its security, loading speed, SEO content, meta tags, and description. However, this tool isn’t free. You can only perform SEO audits for 100 pages.

Google Search Central: Google Search Console

This tool offers you many things. It teaches you how to the Google Search Console to conduct your website auditing. You don’t need to know how to code as this tool would help you run website SEO diagnostics and optimize your website for you. This tool would also help you get into the SERP with the keywords your target audience uses.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This tool works best when you pay for it. When you pay for it, you can crawl an infinite amount of website URLs per year. The tool would be installed on your system, and it would begin to audit your website and note your website’s challenges. All of this, including the result of the analysis, would be performed in real-time.

UpCity’s Free SEO Report Card free seo tools

The UpCity Free SEO Report Card allows you to analyze your website against the competition. However, you would need to supply few details of your contact. The free report card would reveal your rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Also, you would have the facts about backlinks, onsite analysis, your website page load, etc.


Ahrefs is a state-of-the-art tool that does more than just audit your website. However, even with its varied use, its editing tool is a superior one. It discovers problems that relate to your website for you. It also performs detailed page performance challenges. This tool is thorough when it completes its auditing.


Seolyzer is a free SEO tool that is excellent for site crawling and log analysis. It also assists in determining how search engines see your website. The tool helps to identify errors with your website. It assesses your page load speed and how your page performs.


The GTmetrix tool isn’t a website crawler but more of a performance testing tool. This tool helps you to assess your webpage performance and website technical health. It would also allow you to see the result of its review. The tool has about 25 SEO variables which it uses to identify issues with your web pages.


SEOquake is a free extension on Google Chrome that helps you audit your webpage for free. The tool compares the URL and domain of your website with that of your competitors. You can also customize the metrics you want the tool to the criteria you prefer. You can also share the reports you get from the tool with anyone.

SE Rankings

SE Ranking is another SEO tool that is more than an SEO tool. The tool can compete with the big SEO tools like SEMrush, Ashrefs, etc. The tool also performs auditing by crawling through your website and pointing out the health status, UX, and other issues which it discovers. Then after it discovers these problems, it gives you ways with which you can fix these problems.

Microsoft Bing Webmaster

The Microsoft Bing Webmaster tool is a free tool that helps you diagnose your website, check keywords and backlinks, present diagnostic reports and optimize your website organically. Also, the tool enables you to find out your website errors.


The tool is a free search engine page report simulator that simulates how your website ranks on Google. SERPsim allows you to see how your website fairs among other websites. Then, the result which the too gets can help you optimize your webpage titles and metadata.


You will have a blast with this tool if you have a small budget. The tool lets you ascertain the compliance of your website with current SEO criteria. All you need to do is to put in your website URL, and your website would be analyzed. It would also provide tips that you can now use to optimize your site.


Spyfu is a great tool, and it is popular, but it costs a bit of cash. It hosts several digital marketing tools. It can help you find the wrong keywords. Also, it enables you to find a similar flaw in other websites. You can use their weaknesses to your advantage.


Growthbar is also a chrome extension, but it isn’t free. It can do a lot of things for you when it comes to auditing your website. The tool can help you analyze your competition, perform keyword research. Also, it analyzes competition thoroughly. It enables you to find the backlinks that they use. It also allows you to track your website ranking.


So, you are not indeed an SEO expert. No one is. You need help to harness the true power of SEO. It would help if you had SEO auditing tools. With these tools, you don’t need to be left confused and helpless in the face of Google’s progressively complicating algorithm. If you don’t use these tools, you will continue to play eternal catch-up. So, let these tools do the complicated stuff for you. These tools are SEO tools that are designed to help you discover SEO challenges on your website. The tools will help you to see your website the way Google sees it. Also, they would help you improve your website ranking and the effect of your keywords.

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