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Did you know that more people than ever before have learned to play a musical instrument in the last couple of years? Being stuck at home and unable to get out thanks to restrictions on movements left many people with time on their hands. The guitar is one of the most popular instruments of all and is surprisingly easy to learn to play the basics, so many people bought a cheap guitar, downloaded learn to play videos, and took up a hobby they had always wanted to enjoy but never got around to.

Once you have learned the chords and practiced changing between them, you can start getting better! But what if you have a guitar lover in the family and want to buy them a relevant gift? That’s what we’re talking about in this article, in which we will look at some great gift ideas for guitar players. Let’s start with the one that your neighbors will appreciate!


Guitars are noisy, especially when we are talking about an electric model played through an amplifier. This is the only way to play electric guitar properly as, unlike an acoustic model, it does not have a sound box but a solid body. Now, when someone is playing electric guitar in the house, everyone else can hear it – and even those in the house next door!

This is where guitar amp-powered headphones come into play. These clever headphones have no external power source and are simply powered by plugging them into the amp. When connected, they cut off the sound from the amp itself, and only the person wearing the headphones – the player – can hear the guitar at full volume. An electric guitar unamplified is very quiet, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone! Check out the headphones at that link for some great examples from top brands at excellent prices.

Guitar Stand

Guitarists get very protective of their beloved instrument, which, after all, may have cost a good deal of money. Nobody likes to stand a treasured guitar on the floor, so what about a good quality guitar stand as a gift for your musical friend? Guitar stands come in various forms and styles, are usually able to be folded when not in use, and keep the guitar upright and safe at all times. There are many affordable examples that you can choose from, and your guitar-loving friend or loved one will certainly appreciate the gift.

Custom Strap

One of the most affordable and yet welcome gifts for a guitar lover has to be a strap. Guitars can be quite heavy if simply held, so a strap is a great choice of gift for the musician in your family. Straps are available in many different materials – leather is a great choice for a quality example – and in a variety of colors and patterns, so there will be something for everyone. Check out online music stores and retailers for a choice of excellent guitar straps and also for inspiration on other gift ideas for your musical friend.

Auto Tuner

Modern digital technology has brought us many useful gadgets, and the guitar auto tuner is one. A clever little device that clips onto the neck, this gives the player more accurate tuning than doing it by ear. These are simple to use gadgets that serve a sensible purpose and are suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced guitarist. There are many different types and models of this useful little device, so check them out carefully, and you’ll find one for your budget.

Song Book

A great gift choice for someone who is learning or a newcomer to the guitar is a songbook. There are literally thousands of books that publish the chords and tabs for popular songs. Some group together songs that are simple to play; others are a compilation of the songs of a particular artist. If your guitar player is a fan of, for example, David Bowie or a hit band such as Queen, there are books that will help them learn the songs of the artist. This makes an excellent gift for someone who wants to practice, learn, and improve their guitar playing skills.

New Strings

Having a spare set of strings ready for when one breaks – and rest assured, strings will break as it’s inevitable – is always a welcome accessory for a guitarist. If buying as a gift, ensure you know the gauge of strings – the thickness in simple terms – that the player prefers as there are some quite notable differences in string types.

That is our suggestion for gifts for the guitarist in your life, and there are many more ideas we believe you will find when you start looking. We hope we have helped you get inspiration and start looking for the best gift for a guitarist.

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