10 Best Node.js Frameworks For Web And Apps Development


Over the period of time, numerous developers have developed some amazing frameworks. As per the survey conducted by Node.js, 4 of 5 full-stack and back-end rates were the best choice.

We have put together some amazing mobile apps and web development frameworks for the year 2021. Besides, these frameworks offer speed, high performance, and scalability.

1. Loopback.js

This framework is highly featured and extensive Node.js. Significantly, it has an amazing API explorer, termed “CLI”. This explorer is simple and easy to operate.  Besides, it provides excellent connectivity.

In any event, you can easily incorporate them with numerous services of API.

Features of Loopback.js

  • It can be extensible
  • Numerous databases can be easily supported.

2. Nest.js

This framework is highly progressive. It is efficient for building scalable and reliable applications that are server-side. In addition, these types of Node.js are loved by developers because of the following reasons:-

  1. Maintain web apps at the server-side
  2. Highly modular
  3. Scalable

Straightaway, you can also call it an MVC type.  It supports TypeScript in native form.

Features of Nest.js

  1. It provides an easy curve of learning.
  2. Highly compatible with Angular at the front end.

3. Hapi.js

This framework is open-source and is centered around commercial services. They offer great security and are reliable. Altogether, it is an efficient and most robust tool to develop JSON API.

Features of Hapi.js

  1. There are no dependencies that are external
  2. You can reuse the code
  3. It is compatible with proxy apps of HTTPS
  4. It is highly compatible with APIs.

4. Sails.js

They are highly prominent MVC frameworks. They are micro in nature and are developed on top of Socket.io and Express. Generally speaking, they are known for their compatibility. As they are an ideal tool for numerous browser-based apps.

Also, they are widely used to develop dashboards, chat apps for real-time, multiplayer games, etc.

Features of Sails.js

  1. You can easily integrate Express for the requests of HTTP.
  2. You can incorporate WebSockets with Socket.io.
  3. Can support all the technologies at the front end.=

5.  Koa.js

They are extremely lightweight and powerful frameworks. It is best to develop potential APIs and apps (web-based).  However, it is quite similar to Express but is more lightweight.

Features of Koa.js

  • It offers unconventional methods for an elegant suite. Henceforth, it can make the servers enjoyable as well as fast.
  • They are futuristic and can be easily customizable
  • It can exceptionally handle all the errors.

6. Meteor.js

This framework is best for developing and deploying seamless desktop, mobile, and web apps in JavaScript. Initially, this framework was launched in the year 2012.

Additionally, it is known for smooth operations between servers and clients.

Features of Meteor.js

  • This framework has extensive support from the community.
  • open -source
  • Quicker as it can be transferred with immediate features.

7. Adonis.js

This framework is again similar to Express.js. It utilizes an edge templating engine. As a result, they are much easier to use.

They are highly recommended to develop robust server-side web apps. Above all, they can operate on all the leading Operating Systems.

Features of Adonis.js

  1. They have their own CLI.
  2. It is quite easy to learn.

8.  Express.js

It is a flexible, fast, and minimal framework. Thus, you can develop robust features for web and mobile apps.

They are the most sought framework on GitHub with over 51,700 stars. Notably, high-tech giants such as Twitter, IBM, and Uber are employing this framework.

Features of Express.js

  1. They provide robust features which include high performance, negotiation for better content, etc.
  2. It can be a great support for backend development.

9. Socket.io

You can term this framework as full-stack. This JavaScript library can be employed to build real-time apps. Hence, you can also establish communications between servers and web clients.

Lastly, they are known to establish bi-directional flows.

Features of Socket.io

  1. It provides great reliability and speed to development.
  2. It can offer analytics in real-time.
  3. Great for auto reconnection.

10. Total.js

This is modular and comparatively new to other frameworks. Hence, they are highly compatible with front-end frameworks. This includes frameworks such as Backbone, Polymer, and Angular.js.

This framework is asynchronous and extensible in nature. Moreover, it offers excellent stability and performance.

Features of Total.js

  1. Provides tracking in real-time
  2. Flexible with frontend frameworks
  3. Supports sitemap

In a nutshell,

There are plenty of frameworks available. If you have plans for development, make sure you get in touch with a leading web and mobile app development company. They will build an amazing framework that suits your project.

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