Best Emulators to Play Nintendo 64 ROMs on Phone or Tablet


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Playing Nintendo 64 ROMs on a phone or tablet is not a big deal now. For this, you have to use a Nintendo 64 emulator.

An emulator is a hardware or software. It enables the host system to use peripheral devices. Furthermore, for running the software designed for the guest system.

Emulators are perfect to play Nintendo 64 ROMs because –

  • You will save your expenditure on the N64 console.
  • You can carry your tablet or phone on trips.
  • Rather than paying for various games, you are only required to download ROMs.

The top 5 Emulators to play Nintendo 64 ROMs on phone

  • M64Plus FZ Emulator – This new emulator is unique because it supports 64 Nintendo titles. Its developer has created a priceless guide that will assist you to get started. The emulator is updated regularly to provide a thrilling gaming experience.
  • RetroArch – It supports various mainstream consoles. Such as – NES, 3DS, N64, ATARI, SNES, and a lot more. Some valuable features of this open-source application are – load cheats and the ability to remap the controls.
  • Mupen64 – This reliable emulator offers impressive Nintendo 64 ROMs compatibility. You can select free or paid-version at your convenience.
  • Classic boy Like RetroArch, classic boy is also a multiple systems emulator. Besides Nintendo64 emulator games, the emulator is also suggested for playing SNK NeoGeo, NES, and play-station games.

Some of its features are

  • Graphic buttons editor for size definition and position.
  • External joysticks
  • Custom setting for game filter and video size
  • Game state slot and auto-saved.
  • Tendo64 – Customizable button layout, cheats support, physical controller, and local multiplayer capabilities make it unique. It is available in 20 different languages and supports Z64, N64, ZIP, and V64 file types.

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The top 5 Emulators to play Nintendo 64 ROMs on the tablet

  • MegaN64 – It is one of the best and popular emulators. For providing a fairly decent and crazy experience, its developer team updates it regularly. The emulator is free and will charge nothing except a bit of advertising. If searching for free N64 emulators then here is a perfect alternative for you.
  • Pretendo N64 emulator – Besides tablets, the emulator is great for Android phones. The emulator is safe, secure, and reliable. However, it is not recommended for Sony users. It received negative ratings because it got crashed on Sony Xperia Z1. But it is a hardware issue, so you can’t curse the emulator.
  • M64 emulator – The emulator is compatible with several formats and devices. For getting easier access, one can use cheat codes. This is the major benefit of this emulator. It is free and you can download it anytime from Google Play Store.
  • SuperN64 – The emulator is easy to use and provides a memorable experience. Its package includes external controls and save state. Moreover, its graphics depends on the tablet or Android phone you are operating.
  • Mupen64Plus FZ – This newer N64 emulator is hard to use. The game includes – video profiles, tons of files, and other stuff. Every game works with specific profile setups. For in-depth understanding, a detailed guide is provided by the developer. It features various plugins and gets updated regularly.

Is it illegal to download ROMs?

Downloading and emulating emulators are legal. However, downloading and redistributing copyrighted ROMs is illegal. So, it’s essential to legally acquire ROMs for running them on an emulator.

Bottom line

So, here are the best emulators to play Nintendo 64 ROMs on a phone or tablet. Pick the one according to your convenience and expectations.


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