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In this article, you will see the end-to-end benefits of having a best dedicated server, how efficiently you can make use of it and who is the best on offering dedicated server hosting in India, and how to choose such a reliable one.

Here in this article, we have compared the hosting features and plans offered by India’s best dedicated server hosting providers’ eWebGuru and Hostgator.

Before getting in-depth, let us brush up with some basic details about dedicated server.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is an individual server that is not shared with any other users unlike how it happens in shared hosting. You will have a dedicated IP address to host your domain and sub-domains without any security hassle. You will have complete access to the control panel where you can manage authorization and access levels in the organization.

Reasons to choose a best Dedicated Server:

  1. Top security: Renting a dedicated server will ensure uncompromising security and safety to your web and personal information that you upload on your database. You will have complete access to the root panel of your dedicated server hosting so that you will have full control of your server and decide whom to or whom not to, provide access.
  2. Managed server: Dedicated servers are mostly managed ones that you need not worry about installation and configuration, as it will be handled by the service provider. The service provider not only does the initial setup of your dedicated server but also monitors it effectively, providing your website performance reports such as traffic, suspicious activities, virus attacks and rectified reports if any, etc.
  3. Huge web space: If you have a website(s) that generates decent or high web traffic, then in such cases, storage space should not be a constraint. Opting for a best dedicated server offers you more than sufficient web space to maintain the uptime to the specified percentage as guaranteed by the service provider.
  4. Amazing customer support: Due to being a managed server, you will have dedicated people assigned to your account. The assigned customer support representative provides you updates regarding weekly, monthly and quarterly activities performed on your website(s) at the same time intervals. Moreover, you will receive round-the-clock support throughout the year with most of the service providers.
  5. Effective resource utilization: You will be provided enough resources to allocate accordingly within the organization with which you can scale up or scale down them based on your needs. With this, you can save more space for other websites as well to a great extent.

Hostgator dedicated server and types of dedicated server plans offered

Hostgator’s Dedicated Servers provide tremendous features in line with the trend of web hosting such as unmetered disk space, lightning-fast servers, round-the-clock support, unmetered bandwidth, 99.9% uptime guarantee and 45-day money-back guarantee.

Hostgator offers three types of dedicated server platforms

  • Linux Dedicated Server: Linux dedicated server provides dedicated hardware and solid performance; it is ideal for large businesses or apps.
  • Windows Dedicated Server: Windows dedicated server offers similar features as linux server along with benefits of Linux OS.
  • Managed Dedicated Server: It offers all the hosting features with host server resources managed by Hostgator.

The configuration of those servers definitely varies upon the chosen plan to another also from one server type to another.

eWebGuru dedicated server and types of dedicated server plans offered

eWebGuru is a well-known and established a best dedicated server provider of all types at the cheapest price with a high quality of service. The excellent customer support of eWebGuru makes it more popular among business users.

Meanwhile, eWebGuru offers unique types of dedicated servers under which you have dedicated server plans—Cloud dedicated server and Bare metal server.

All types of dedicated servers have different fixed and customized plans to select as per your business requirement and get it installed within no time. eWebGuru has an excellent technical support team who can offer you effective technical advice before you purchase a best dedicated server.

Plan Comparison

The Basic plan under the Hostgator’s Dedicated Server starts with Rs. 6830 per month for having HDD drivers. Also, their staring plan under their windows dedicated server and fully managed server prices start with Rs. 9,545 and Rs. 10, 995 per month.

Meanwhile, eWebGuru’s Bare Dedicated Server’s basic plans start with just Rs. 7,995 per month and their Cloud Dedicated server basic plan start with just Rs. 3,995 per month.

Apart from just cost-wise, eWebGuru offers a better hosting solution in terms of offering premium hosting features for all those hosting plans under their dedicated server types. In addition, unlike Hostgator, eWebGuru offers a more flexible hosting solution to its clients in terms of scaling the host server’s specification and other server resources.

Why should you prefer eWebGuru than Hostgator hosting?

eWebGuru has everything you need for your website right from domain name registration, web server hosting, SSL certificate, professional email setup service and more. They have been in the field of web hosting since 2007 and have gained experience by resolving several complex issues with server hosting and incorporated technology enhancement by effective and immediate training to their team for the benefit of serving their customers.

You have solutions for any kind of IT simplification and integration with eWebGuru, and the best part is their extraordinary and appreciable 24×7 customer support. Apart from that, here are the few attractive features you can find only with eWebGuru’s hosting solution

  • Cheapest hosting plans under Bare Metal Server
  • Multiple IP addresses
  • Custom OS on cloud dedicated server
  • Free Migration

And finally, the price factor that makes any business user gain confidence in establishing a business online without giving a second thought about the cost.

Bottom Line

This blog is to make you, the viewers, understand who is providing the best hosting solution on their best dedicated Server in India and why should you choose them as such. To gain trust, you can purchase the best dedicated server with any service provider of your choice and after some time, you cannot feel the service satisfaction.