When it comes to cell phone monitoring software you may get negative things in your mind. You may think it is all about breaching someone’s privacy without getting someone’s consent. On the other hand, hold for a second and let me tell you what if someone is breaching your privacy online just for the sake of your protection and that person none other than your parents.

Now what you think about your privacy still remains a myth or you willing to have a secret guardian that always been stand on your protection. So, cell phone monitoring software for Android is developed for serving humanity and further for digital parenting in order to protect teens from the digital nightmares. Today, young kids and teens love to stay or spend time online by using the android cell phones and gadgets connected to the internet. So, they are more likely to encounter with the people that are always looking forward to harming them by trapping teens online.

Let’s get to know about the predators online that can trap teens online and further can harm them in real life mentally, emotionally and as well as physically.

Cyber Bullying

Bullying online is one of the most regular and dangerous cyber threats for young kids and teens. However, real –life bullies whether they are adults are school going teens over the years have been migrated to the web. They bully teens and kids on social media platforms especially those teens that use social media platforms on their cell phones. They share sexually explicit content, threats, and abusive language just for the sake of fun. On the other hand, young victims often go into swear depression, anxiety, stay lonely and isolated and there are some cases where teens have tried to commit suicide.


Stalkers are the ones that always try to gradually seduce teens with attention, affection and with kindness and ultimately become friends and ask teens for real life meeting. All it happens on the social media apps used by teens on their smartphones connected with the cyberspace. Once teens get trap they try to get sexual favors from teens.

Sexual Predators & Pedophiles

These are the ones that only have single motive to chase teens online and to manipulate teens sexually. On the other hand, pedophiles are actually child molesters that chase young kids and tweens social media profiles and then further chase them in real-life for sexual abuse. Therefore, young kids and teens should stay on social media within complete privacy rather than sharing their complete names, schools address and as well as home address.

Use the cell phone spy app for android to protect teens online

Initially, you need to perform a couple of things in terms of visiting the official website of the android spy software. Once you have visited the website, further you need to perform the following mention steps then you will be able to get what you are looking for desperately.

Step1: Subscribe for android monitoring app

The very first step that you need to take is to get a subscription online of the android surveillance app. Once you have it, you will receive an email along with the credentials such as passcode and ID and then you need to perform next step in the following.

Step2: Get Physical access on target android device

Now you need to get physical possession of your target android cell phone or gadget and once you have it then get started with the installation process. Moreover, once you have ended up with the process of installation you need to activate the android spy app on the target device. However, during the process of activation, you will see a pop –up on the screen. It will assist you with how to make the spyware for android sneaky. Either you can use it or you can skip and finally activate it on the target device.

Step3: Get Access to phone spy app for android web portal

Use the passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel where you can use multiple tools of the mobile phone spy software for android. Let’s get to know all the features that empower parents to monitor teen’s online activities in order to protect them from cyber predators.

Phone tracking software for Android features

You can simply spy on text messages with text messages spy app of the cell phone tracking app. Further, you can record and listen to the live incoming and outgoing calls on target android cell phone with the help of a secret call recorder. However, you can get to know about the visited websites and apps using browsing activities.

This is not the last and the least you can perform live screen recording of the target android device and you can do social media apps live screen recording, Chrome screen recording, YouTube screen recording, and email recording. Additionally, you can get the social media messenger’s logs in terms of text messages, conversations, audio, and video conversations and shared photos and videos.

You can even remotely control teens android activities such as you can view installed apps, block text messages, block incoming calls and even remotely block the internet access on the target android device. Parents can even remotely get access to the MIC and camera. So, they can record the surround sounds and even can make surround videos to protect teen’s real-life dangers by using spyvidcam bug and MIC bug tools of the android phone tracker.


Cell phone surveillance software is one of the best tools that empower parents to protect teens from online predators. It is an ultimate, reliable and powerful tech –the tool that keeps parents updated about teens online activities.


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