6 Benefits of Engaging Amazon Virtual Assistants


Amazon is one of the most prominent online marketplaces. But listing and running your store on it is a complex job. This is where Amazon virtual assistants can help you.

Most sellers wish to set up and run an Amazon store, likely because there is a decent scope for success in this marketplace. It has a wide and diverse (but most importantly, established and loyal) audience that everyone wants a share of. However, running an e-store successfully can be daunting, especially with tasks like optimization, up-to-date listing management, and regular eStore health checkups. Missing any crucial technicality may result in a loss of sales.

In such a scenario, hiring the services of virtual assistants for tasks like Amazon listing optimization and customer support can be helpful. Such non-core tasks can easily be handled by a VA, giving you (the seller) enough time to focus on inspiring better sales and conversions.

Let’s find what Amazon VAs can do for your eStore.

What Responsibilities Can An Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) Handle?

Amazon Virtual Assistants can handle many crucial tasks essential for successfully running an Amazon store. These include non-core (Amazon product data entry, listing upload, listing optimization) and core activities (advertising, PPC ad creation, order management, customer support).

Their primary responsibilities include the following:

Amazon Listing Creation

With the help of a virtual assistant, vendors can set up their online store as per Amazon guidelines. Amazon VAs have expertise in optimizing your listings with the right content, edited high-quality product images, and searchable titles. If you have already listed on Amazon, they will help you increase traction by enhancing your listing according to the Amazon search algorithm, resulting in increased conversions.

Inventory Maintenance

Managing your stock as per demand is crucial in gaining key points as a quality seller. Amazon VA will maintain your inventory to protect you from stock shortage and loss of leads.

SEO Analysis and Implementation

Including the right keywords in your listing with appropriate placement is essential to generating leads. Perfect optimization can help you gain an edge over competitors. Amazon VAs need to ensure that product descriptions are not stuffed with keywords, which can result in a loss in ranking.

Competitor Analysis

You need to analyze and process data to edge over your competitors. Amazon VAs research competitors’ products, marketing strategies, listing content, etc., to formulate your online store’s operational strategies.

Seller Guideline Compliance

Amazon has set detailed policies and guidelines for its sellers to provide a satisfactory shopping experience to the users. To successfully run an Amazon store, the sellers must follow the regulations. This can be tedious for the vendors. Experienced Amazon VAs can help you stay abreast with the platform’s regulations.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media can play a crucial role in establishing your brand’s presence online. Virtual assistants can manage your social media accounts, create buzz for your products, generate reviews, and interact with your clients through personalized communication.

Customer Support

Amazon VAs resolve complaints and manage concerns. They ask buyers to review products, reply to reviews, and generate feedback, apart from handling refunds and exchanges. They can also handle concerns and complaints regarding delivery.

Order Management

Amazon VAs oversee every operation in your delivery cycle. Right from shipping packages to tracking orders and returns, they are efficient in overall order management.

How Will Amazon VA Benefit Your Store?

Hiring virtual assistants has numerous advantages; some of them are as follows:

Smooth & Streamlined Operations

Hiring an Amazon VA is an added resource, allowing you to focus on management and targets. You can mint a Virtual Assistant’s experience to your advantage and unburden yourself of mundane tasks. With the VA’s help, you can focus on supervision, set targets, and analyze growth paths.


As the VA performs various vital jobs at your Amazon store, you save time to focus and relax. Virtual assistants are skilled in meeting deadlines. They save you from spending time on monotonous admin tasks. A VA works according to your time zone. Hence, you do not need to stress over a 24*7 schedule.

Cost Saving

Amazon virtual assistants work remotely, and they can be hired on an hourly basis, as remote full-time resources, or on a part-time basis. They can be engaged based on your budget. Handing over your Amazon store responsibility to a VA also saves you on infrastructure and training costs. As they are independent contractors, you need not provide added compensation and benefits, as in the case of an employee.

No Burden of Training New Resources

Virtual Assistants hired through agencies are trained to meet a client’s requirement. On the other hand, on hiring an employee, you will have to train them for the best performance initially. Trained VAs possess the experience to handle Amazon stores diligently.

Reduce Overheads

Running an Amazon store does not require a physical office set-up. Further, with Amazon VAs working remotely, you can save a lot on infrastructure expenses. As a lot of entrepreneurs and start-ups operate from home, they need not set up offices just to manage their Amazon store.

Productivity improvement

Since VAs are independent contractors, they aim to deliver high-quality performance to retain clients. They focus on client satisfaction. That’s a win-win collaboration. Moreover, the remote working structure allows them to use time at their leisure, which is creatively beneficial and improves productivity.

Increased Sales

By outsourcing your Amazon store to the befitting Virtual Assistant, you get an experienced and skilled professional to run the show. A VA who knows the tricks and tips of the online market can use the experience to your benefit. The VA’s expertise adds to your product’s qualities, resulting in sales growth.

In Conclusion

Amazon sellers already have their hands full with core business responsibilities. And while they can not ignore activities like description writing or listing management, such activities also dominate the time, which could be utilized better elsewhere.

If you are a seller who is combating such issues, it will be a smart move to hire Amazon virtual assistants to unburden yourself from the daunting task of Amazon listing creation services and their management. Engaging a virtual assistant can help you balance your store operations and enable you to focus on sales and growth.

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