What helps a small business perform better online? You’ve probably thought about this question several times as a business owner. You might have a rough idea of how to gain an advantage over competitors, but you’re still not seeing the results you’d like.

That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve combined our professional knowledge with our analysis of hundreds of expert guides to provide you with three solid, dependable, common strategies you can rely on to improve your business’s online performance.

Here are three basics every small business needs to attract new customers online.

1. Localized Web Design

It’s great to get any professional web designer to help, but make sure your pages are designed to capitalize on local customers, not general web surfers. If your business is in Tulsa, you need Tulsa web design. If your business is in San Francisco, you need San Francisco web design, and so on.

A generic web design service will give you a generic page. You’ll sit pretty on page 3 of Google and attract the odd customer. A localized web design service can improve your loading speeds, optimize your layout, and make your business the friendliest face local searchers have ever seen.

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The aesthetics of your page, the types of services you offer, and the general tone, should all reflect the type of customer you’re trying to attract. For example, a Tulsa homeowner looking for HVAC services wants to see a different type of landing page from a budding Silicon Valley app mogul living in a 150 sq. ft. apartment that costs them $5,000 per month.

We recommend getting to know your local demographics and designing your page with these customers in mind. Use these strategies to help strengthen your localized web design:

  • Avoid generic design and include colors reminiscent of local landmarks, flags, symbols, etc.
  • Address area-specific concerns
  • Showing that your roots are local

2. Analytics

Google Analytics is an incredible piece of technology that has improved the performance of thousands of businesses. However, there are better analytic tools than Google Analytics on the market, with data analysts and local web design services offering a personalized service behind them to help you out. Working with a trained data analyst will produce far more results than trying to decipher analytic trends yourself.

Analytics can substantially improve a business’s performance – if you know what they mean. Working with a local web design service that understands data pays for itself several times over. G

3. A Useful Blog

Given that the internet boasts an incredible array of “blogs” of various shapes and sizes, it’s perhaps the worst-understood tool on the internet. Unfortunately, blogs have a reputation as a fast and easy way to draw customers. But let’s face it: blogs aren’t useful unless:

  1. You know why you’re writing it
  2. You know how to get it seen
  3. You have the time and dedication to create consistent content

A blog without regular updates, a backlink strategy, and good SEO is like a fishing rod without bait, a tackle, or a reel. Work with a local web design service to make your blog worth writing. These can transform a business with proper SEO, regular updates, and a strategy that emphasizes steady, consistent growth.

Even Online, Buying Local is Appealing

Many small businesses struggle to capitalize on digital marketing because they don’t have these three essentials behind them. It’s always been a struggle to compete with the big players. However, you can get ahead of the competition better than ever before with a local web design team behind you.

We recommend investing in these digital strategies as soon as possible if you want to see better results this year, or your competitors could keep drawing from your target audience.