Animated Videos for Business: Why You Need It


Explainer video for startups is a great way to establish yourself in the market. Many people are hesitant because they think it takes a lot of budget to create explainer video. Actually, the idea is important. For a beautiful implementation, a simple animated explainer video is enough. This option is suitable even for business beginners with a very limited budget.

The boom in animated content has been going on for several years now. This is an inexpensive and effective way to make yourself known. Presentations, promos, corporate films, website interfaces and even logos are moving into an animated format for the dynamic world to notice them. If you doubt that you can beautifully implement all the ideas, the explainer video production company will do it for you. More information can be found at

Animation grabs attention

People perceive better what moves. This saves valuable time. Therefore, the text that can become animation must become it. All presentations, long instructions, and complex numbers are easier to convey in animation.

Animation is perceived by the brain as entertainment content, as it includes vivid pictures, characters, imagery. It grabs attention, increases the viewing time of the commercial and is better remembered. In addition, the production of animation is cheaper than a filming video.

Important: the length of the animation video should not be more than 3 minutes, and in the case of a training video – up to 5-6 minutes. No matter how dynamic the animation is, now the consumer is not ready to spend more than 3 minutes on brand content. You can revive everything that was previously presented with texts:

• Content for social networks of the brand;

• Branded characters;

• Information that is difficult to understand;

• Boring presentations;

• Favorable promotional offers.

Animation explains the essence of the idea

Although animation is entertaining, people come to the brand not to mess around. They won’t watch ads like a cartoon. The consumer will look for a solution to his problem, and animation will become a convenient format for conveying useful information.

If you understand the needs of your audience and want to offer easy answers, then animation will help you pack them into a unique and stylish format. People want to get the information they need quickly and, preferably, in the form of a short squeeze. Animation satisfies this request. She explains complex information in simple ways.

You will be able to tell in an accessible way how the product works, show the interface of the application or website. It is also easy to explain a new teaching format or advertise a course. You can add graphics to a standard video report or save the video by choosing a good presentation style. Animation will help to pack any information creatively and vividly.

What can be animated:

• Presentation of a new product;

• Loyalty program;

• Educational material;

• Instructions;

• Volumetric research.

Animation sells your products instead of you

One of the goals of advertising is to build an emotional connection between the customer and the brand. If there is a bright idea, then the animation implementation can enhance it at times. Conversely, if you choose animation as a communication tool, its artistic possibilities can inspire you to be bright and creative.

There are themes that are best not animated. For example, brand managers at pharmaceutical companies know that animated drug ads are unlikely to work or resonate with consumers. This also applies to those who talk about illness, death and other complex social problems.

What can be animated:

• Situation of product consumption;

• Quick solution to everyday tasks or problems;

• Limited offer;

• Image promo of the product;

• Heroes or superheroes, children’s toys.

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