50+ Amazing Instagram Statistics [Infographic 2021]


In 2020, most social media influencers used Instagram as the most engaging way of getting connected to people. However, the latest data and trend shows that they are right in this. Instagram is growing big, and it has completed 10 years of operation.

Of course, it has a big impact on people and brands as bringing in direct communication between the two. If you wish to know more about this, here are some amazing Instagram Facts And Figures which you would surely not wish to miss out on!

  • Instagram ranks in the sixth position of all social media applications in the number of active users. As of October 2020, there are almost 1158 million users who are active on Instagram.
  • Brands are getting a high productivity rate when it comes to the usage of Instagram. Over 83% of the people do find new products relevant to their searches. Out of this, over 81% of people research for more, and 80 % buy a product.
  • Luxury brands probably profit the most when it comes to influencer collaborations. They have a conversion rate of 91 % out of the total Instagram users. Sports clothing brands have a conversion rate of 83%.
  • According to influencer marketing, there are three major platforms to use. At least 89% of the people consider Instagram to be the most useful source, while 70% think YouTube could be profitable.
  • As of 2020, there is a stipulated rise of 30% in Instagram’s Facebook total ad revenue share. With the new policies launched, this rate of increment may rise to 65%.

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