Among many other things in life, education is something that should be among the top priority. I was reading about different leaders to see what they think about some of the very important parts of life. And the answers were pretty much on the expected line-

  • Hygienic food
  • Quality education
  • A place to stay was among the top choices.

Among all these, one thing everyone emphasized a lot is the quality of education. One of the leaders I would like to mention here is Dave T Bolno. Although you might be knowing him already, a brief background for the new audience – David is a famous business manager who works with top entertainers across the globe. He has worked with top names like Justin Bieber, Drake, Post Malone, and Pharrell Williams among others.

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In fact, Drake thanked David in his 2011 Take Care album where he mentioned – thank you for pulling my life together for me and putting me in a position where I can now begin to build my empire. You can talk about Dave’s thoughts and views here.

Now let’s talk about why education is so important –

Importance of quality education for everyone:

You might be thinking, do we really need to think of the importance of education in 2023? Well, just look at the number –

  • Chad – 2016 – 22.31%
  • Guinea – 2014 – 32.00%
  • South Sudan – 2018 – 34.52%
  • Niger – 2018 – 35.05%
  • Mali – 2018 – 35.47%
  • Central African Republic – 37.40%
  • Burkina Faso – 2018 – 41.22%
  • Benin – 2018 – 42.36%
  • Afghanistan – 2018 – 43.02%
  • Sierra Leone – 2018 – 43.21%

Definitely, there are countries with literacy rates >90% also, and in fact there are many such countries. But without improving the percentage of above countries, the world can’t say they have achieved what we call an ideal or better literate world.

Now as we know, there are needs for the discussion, let’s talk about some points for the same-

#1 Realize your true potential

What I feel is the most important missing thing is – realizing the true potential. People don’t even think about their own potential and that is causing the problem. The first thing you should do is think about what you want to do? Whether the field that you are learning is something you really want to do? If you are clear with these questions, it will help you move and proceed in a better way.

#2 Sharpen your skills

Some of you might complain that you have a good education but not getting the work/job of your desire. The main reason is the changing universe. Things are changing so fast that you have to be relevant with the latest technologies to be relevant in the market. For example, if you are working in web development, the usual next step for you would be to learn technologies like Node JS, and similar such technologies. The crux here is – sharpen your skills so that you can be relevant in the market and also can do something on their own.


Education should be among your primary priority and it doesn’t only mean for primary education. Education is a consistent process and you should be learning something every day.