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Are you a student looking forward to pursuing a course in software engineering? Kudos because you’re on the best path to enjoying a satisfying career. Some people do courses to impress others, but that’s not the case with software engineers/developers; they’re passionate about their jobs/dreams.

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In the USA, the number of students doing software engineering has increased by over 15%. If you wish to join that number, it’s probably one of the best life decisions you’ll make. Enough of my appraisals, let me now discuss why you’re on this page; five reasons to pursue a software development career.

1. You’ll Get a Good Salary

Money comes first, right? Anyway, we study to gain knowledge and later use that to earn a living, and that’s what employment seeking is all about. Some jobs pay decently, others highly, and still others minimally. What do you think is the pay range for a software developer? You don’t need to answer. I’ll mention it!

Software development is one of the careers that usually comes with good pay. In the U.S, the median income for people in this field is about $104,000 annually, with an entry-level developer able to get $86,000 yearly. Of course, the more experienced and educated you are, the higher the salary will be. So, if you want to rock with huge amounts of the monthly wage, then now you know it!

2. It’s High in Demand

If you know someone who’s hunted for a job long enough to give up, then confirm to me that he/she isn’t a software developer. Everywhere you move, companies seek for these people. As the world continues to be more digital, their demand also increases. All economic sectors, industries, fields, and institutions require developers. Healthcare, transport, and e-commerce are some fields that highly need these professionals.

What if you don’t get to work in a top or well-known company like Microsoft? That’s not the end since you can quickly be absorbed by any other local ones who hunger for such expertise. The good news is that even in the coming future, there seems to be no shortage of opportunities; instead, a likely increase in demand. Further, the world is changing, and most businesses are embracing robotics usage in place of human labor. Who do you think will develop and maintain such systems? Meaning, you’ll still find a job easily like now.

3. You’ll Never Stop Learning

Software development, programming, and related courses offer people the opportunity to crave new ideas and make a difference. Their learning process doesn’t end at school but instead continues every day. New challenges that arise present developers with something to work on as they figure how to solve those problems, some of which are complex. They need to comprehend how to figure them out, and if not, they learn it at work.

The continuous learning process enhances knowledge and helps build the valuable experience needed even to switch jobs. Though sometimes it might be frustrating to learn every day, the positive outlook on it can help. Another exciting thing about this career is that you don’t have to finish university and get a degree to succeed. Provided you keep on learning with an open mind, that’s it. For instance, Bill Gates, who owns Microsoft, a famous software development company in USA, didn’t complete his University education. He became a software developer without a formal qualification.

4. The Joy and Capability of Working from Home

Tell me of any doctor/engineer who can work from home unless the clients come to them? Most people love working from home and would like that even if it’s for some days a week. Even so, the nature of most jobs forces people to go to workplaces. Would you like a job where it’s possible to work remotely? With software development, that’s possible. You can serve clients efficiently, even without them having to meet you, and avoid morning rushes to work.

If your company allows full-time remote working, then that would be a great blessing. All you’ll need is a stable internet connection and a serene environment to accomplish your tasks. That’s advantageous in several ways, like enhancing flexibility. This particular reason can make many people opt for software development. Yes, it’s true, and that’s why it can’t miss from this list. Additionally, becoming a freelancer/self-employed as a software developer is possible and relatively easy. Even if you are laid off from your current employment or quit, starting remote self-employment won’t be hard.

5. It Will Enhance Your Creativity

You can get creative with this outlet even if it’s not painting or design. Since it involves coding, you form a new thing every time you code and are writing a program. If you loved playing with computers and other electronic gadgets as a child and probably experimenting with things, now is the time to utilize that potential fully.

As you experiment with technology and discover new things, you become more creative. Honestly, software gurus enjoy the craft of programming. All of those I have ever asked about it say that they can code all day and still feel that wasn’t enough. While creating a program, you need to think about the user and develop innovative systems and functionality. Creativity also involves trying to design complex solutions to get the best out of computers.

How to Become a Software Developer

The first thing you need to cultivate is a passion for the career, or else sitting in front of the keyboard the whole time every day will be boring. Once you have that self-drive and desire, you can either take part-time programming classes or enroll for a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. Some people also prefer doing short courses to immersing themselves in the whole program. After completing whatever level you choose, be sure to enjoy a worthwhile career.

Final thoughts

Should you become a software developer? Well, the ball is in your court now. There are several reasons why you can be confident in doing so. This blog has only considered five major ones. I hope it motivates you to make the best decision about considering doing software development. All the best!

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