8 Virtual Networking Event Ideas for Your Company


Virtual Networking Event Ideas for Your Company

Virtual events have gained their pace and became immensely popular amid pandemic. There is no denying the fact that the percentage of virtual networking events has skyrocketed exponentially the previous year.

With the outbreak of the global pandemic, virtual networking events came out as the best alternative to replicate face-to-face interactions. As time has evolved, the demand for virtual networking event platforms surged. Today, organisations around the world are hosting virtual networking events to stay connected with the remote workforce and global delegates. Online events allow attendees to connect and collaborate virtually from the comfort of their own home. If you want to build connections via seamless networking during online events, you have landed at the right place.

In this article, we have scrutinized Virtual Networking Event Ideas for your company. We hope it will boost networking and engagements at your event.

Virtual Networking Event Ideas for your next event

1. Gamification

Adding an element of fun is sure to bring a flair of enthusiasm and excitement to the entire event. Gamification is one sure shot brilliant way to boost networking and engagements at the event. It is one of the brilliant virtual networking ideas that can be deployed during virtual networking events for building a professional network. Selecting the right Virtual Networking Event Platform is a must to integrate games during your event. A platform that offers a list of exciting games such as spin the wheel, temple run, crossword puzzles, and more encourages attendees to be a part of the event. However, it results in enhancing meaningful participation and networking at the same time. You can offer a reward to virtual attendees by offering them prizes in the form of discount coupons and giveaways. It helps to boost attendee morale while taking the excitement level up.

2. Business Card Exchange

Business cards are an effective way to exchange information and collaborate later. Integrating digital business card exchange features in your virtual networking event makes networking seamless. It allows attendees to exchange their business cards with other attendees for networking purposes. Same as paper counterparts, virtual business cards can be customized as per business requirements. It opens new realms of networking during virtual events.

3. Leaderboard

Integrating a leaderboard during your online event is one of the best virtual networking event ideas. It helps in encouraging attendees to participate and network at the virtual event seamlessly. Utilizing a leaderboard at your event makes attendees liable to earn points on every action taken. Points are then displayed on the leaderboard from where attendees can view their score and get motivated to earn more points by navigating through the event. Organisers can opt to offer freebies as per the score merit. The brilliant virtual networking events feature offered by the Virtual Networking Event Platform upscales the networking at virtual events effortlessly.

4. AI Matchmaking

AI Matchmaking is a powerful tool that boosts networking at the event seamlessly. The feature enables you to tap the like-minded potential match at the virtual event that matches your interest. Integrating AI matchmaking at your virtual networking event recommends attendees as well as exhibitors to connect with people that hold similar interests. This is a sure shot great feature to make networking seamless.

5. Virtual Networking Tables

Virtual networking tables are one of the revolutionizing virtual networking event ideas that help in upscaling networking at the event. It enumerates networking that takes place during live physical events. Virtual networking tables enable participants to connect and network with co-participants in a dedicated space. However, resulting in boosting engagements and business relationships. The networking lounge enables attendees to have free-flowing interactions with other attendees on specified topics. One can have discussions with attendees in the same conventional event fashion by spotting their seats virtually. Introducing virtual networking tables in your company’s virtual event is sure to make your networking seamless and event exclusive. One can upscale the virtual event experiences by introducing virtual networking tables in the plan.

6. Whatsapp and Zoom Meeting Integration

Whatsapp and zoom are the most common software used nowadays to have 1:1 meaningful conversations. Integrating WhatsApp and zoom meetings in the virtual networking event for your company helps in upscaling networking at the event. It enables attendees to have direct conversations with virtual booth representatives via private chats or zoom meeting links. However, it results in making networking easy and hassle-free while generating more qualified leads.

7. Social Wall

Integrating social media walls in virtual networking events is a sure shot way to boost healthy communications. It is one of the revolutionizing virtual networking event ideas that helps in boosting networking at the event. Social wall curates feed from various social channels at a single wall in a virtual event. It enables attendees to have open discussions during breakout sessions or even during live streams without disrupting other attendees in solace. Utilising the social wall feature offered by a Virtual Networking Event Platform is sure to make the event more exciting.

8. Live chats

Live chat features offered by virtual networking platforms amplify attendee engagement and networking right from the start till the event ends. The ability to interact with your attendees in real-time via live audio/video chats helps in closely replicating face-to-face interactions. You can opt to start an open discussion right before the presentation, during the event, or post-event. It helps in building a community and boosts networking at the event seamlessly.

Final Word

Networking plays a crucial role in making any event successful. When it comes to virtual events, seamless networking becomes even more vital. However, to endure a successful virtual networking event efficient planning, out-of-box creativity, time, and efforts are a must. Networking helps in building professional connections during the event. In this article, we have summarized 8 effective virtual networking event ideas to incorporate in your upcoming event. Boost your virtual event networking experience effortlessly by leveraging the right event tech that offers comprehensive virtual networking events features. If your virtual event is not showing effective results, try incorporating the above-mentioned ideas that are sure to give you success!

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