Here’s the list of the 5 best and free web analytics tools to try in 2020. 

Website analytics is an important criterion for anyone who is interested in increasing traffic on their website, as well as looking for new ways in which one can reach the target audience.

Even though the majority of people think of Google analytics as to the main analytical tool, there are tons of other resources to take into consideration.


What is more, the most reasonable thing would be to try out a few tools to see which one works best for your needs. So, here is an overview of the five most useful website analytics tools.

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5 Free Web Analytics Tools

1. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

One of the most important aspects to mention here is that this tool provides you with an opportunity to perform A/B testing using different textual on-page, as well as graphical elements. In other words, this is the first tool from the analytics package you should try.

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2. PageSpeed Insights (Most underrated free web analytics tool)

With the help of this tool, you will be able to see how slow and how fast the pages of your website load.

No matter whether you are just learning SEO or have acquired years of experience in this field, this free web analytics tool comes in handy.

If you think that users have high-speed Internet most of the time, it still does not mean there isn’t anything on your website that prevent pages from loading quickly. So, making sure everything is all right is essential.

Clients hate websites that load slowly and are more likely to leave.

3. Segment

This is a tool that helps you collect vital customer data.

Using it, you will be able to avoid all major problems the majority of companies face when their database grows, especially when they do not have a specific mechanism in place that helps them keep all their data organized.

4. PaveAl

PaveAl is another web analytics tool you will find really useful. With its help, you will manage to remove the so-called ‘fake web traffic’ which basically means that your reports will show all bots and spammers that visit your website and give you false page views.

It helps you control your traffic levels, as well as monitor where your target audience comes from. In case you are currently working on an analytical essay on the subject of SEO, do not forget to provide visuals to demonstrate how this tool works.

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5. SimilarWeb

The final useful web analytics tool to mention is called SimilarWeb.

This resource will come in handy for anyone working in such fields as marketing, sales, research, as well as for investors. This is a data collection company that will provide you with a comprehensive data analysis regarding your website and deliver a detailed report to you.

Thus, you will get tons of valuable insights with the help of which you will manage to generate more traffic, increase your customer base, as well as attract new clients.

The Best Free Web Analytics Tools: Conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, website analytics tools mentioned above are the basics you should start with when you are trying to learn more about the traffic and the visitors of your website.

Make sure you allocate enough time for using each of these tools to see actual results you can learn from. Every single tool on this list will help you figure out something new about your website.

Once you comprehend that and analyze new information, you will be able to come up with new marketing and sales techniques to reach a broader audience and attract new clients.