5 Reasons To Learn Penetration Testing Certification


Last updated on July 14th, 2021 at 12:22 pm

Penetration testing is also known as ethical hacking in general. Many students hear about ethical hacking courses from friends and professors in college and universities. Only a few students and interested people have complete knowledge about penetration testing.

Instead of listening to friends, who barely know about the courses & benefits of penetration testing, why not learn from the experts. We are going to list down five reasons to learn ethical hacking. We will also mention what it takes to become a successful tester in the field.

1. Passion

It might sound bookish lecture, but no one can achieve greater success in any field until or unless, they have a passion for it. There are many challenges an ethical hacker has to go through it.

The obstacles in the learning, passing the tests, and performing with greater results for a client. No one can deny that learning the course with decent marks is not enough.

1) Genuine interest to learn, understand and implement.

2) Problem-solving skills.

3) A quick mind to identify the errors, and fix the errors smartly.

Ethical hacking does not require muscle strength because it is a game of mind & intelligence.

Protecting Your Identity When Using The Internet

2. Courses

Penetration testing comes with some courses that many candidates do not know about it. Everybody thinks that there are a couple of courses to master and good to go for a job.

However, the students can select from eight different courses that start from beginner level to professional level. Many students like challenges and the penetrating testing certification is a worthy challenge for anybody.

Top Penetration Testing Certifications:

1) CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker Certification

2) GPEN certification – (Global Information Assurance Certification)

3) CPT – Certified Penetration Tester

4) PenTest+

5) ECSA – EC Council Certified Security Analyst

6) CEPT – Certified Expert Penetration Tester

7) LPT – Licensed Penetration Tester

8) OSCP – Offensive Security Certified Professional

9) OSCE – Offensive Security Certified Expert

I have mentioned every course in the penetrating testing, and you can learn from an offline institute or select an online institute like Alpine Security.

4. Career

We entered into digital era a couple of decades ago, but the last decade was the initial start for the online world. The internet has created many companies around the world and the online firms’ average worth is $100,000.

Billions of dollars of the transaction are happening on a daily basis. Many major companies are making quick transactions online.

The money grabbed the attention of hackers, privacy invaders, and scammers. According to Insurance Journal, the hackers have damaged $109 billion in cyber attacks.

There are millions of products launched every day by small & bigger firms around the world. Every online product requires ethical hackers to identify the vulnerabilities.

The penetration testers have to find the flaws and openings for the hackers to invade the app or online product. The testers have to provide the solution, so the product is secure for the people to use.

From Facebook to Avast online security program has a dedicated team to identify the vulnerabilities.

The internet is estimated to grow by 946% by 2030.

In short, new digital products will launch, and the companies need the assistance and services of the penetration testers.

5. Placements & Salary

Money attracts people all over the world.

Guess what? The government is struggling to answer the people about the jobs growth rate.

Millions of young candidates graduated from Universities and colleges struggling to find jobs. Unemployment has increased in a few years due to the rise in population & University graduates.

However, the junior penetration tester does not have to worry about the jobs. Fortunately, the number of jobs in the field has increased in a few years.

The average salary of the junior penetration tester starts from $70,000 per annum. Meanwhile, the mid-level & experienced can bag $100,000 per annum job.

The average salary of an experienced candidate starts from $115,000 per annum to depend upon the skills & intelligence.


The penetration testers are passionate, love computers, good at maths, and problem-solving skills. Let us know what do you think about ethical hacking in the comment section below.

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