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Staying unproductive or not wanting to do anything except to lay on a bed is one of the worst nightmares for a freelancer. This situation usually makes a bad image of ourselves in the community and also loses us our clients.

I have been through such a situation when I had taken up projects and was unable to complete them before the deadline because of the unproductivity. This lead to negative reviews about me. After this, I followed these things using which helped me to improve my productivity in freelancing. You can try them as well and improve your productivity.

1.Take Periodic Break from Freelancing

Yes! You should always take a break from your daily work whether it is freelancing or blogging or anything. A break is IMPORTANT.

  • Go on a vacation on a beach or mountain climbing.
  • Go to a movie with friends or outdoor playing.
  • Spend time with family and loved ones.
  • Play games on PC or watch movies if you like. In short, do whatever you like to do for a few days until you feel like working.

Tip – If you are unable to go to beaches or mountains, you can order beach canvas print online and hang them on the wall and watch them in silence or with beach music.

2.Keep Your Mind Stable

Keeping mind stable can help to increase productivity a ton times.

Meditation can help to attain a stable cerebral state. It just requires 10-30 minutes daily. Meditation not only helps to increase freelancing productivity but also improves health.

  • Find an empty room or go to an open park.
  • Sit in a relaxed position.
  • Close your eyes and start taking deep breaths.
  • Do it for 10-30 minutes daily.

Soon you will find that after doing this, your freelancing productivity has improved a lot.

3.Make a Plan for Next Day

Mapping out the next day before going to sleep makes you productive because you will know what you have to do when you get up. This is really helpful when working on big projects.

  • Take a piece of paper or use an app like My Tasks by Google and plan out the full day.
  • Recall what you did a day before.
  • Try to keep the least number of unproductive work.
  • Make sure that you finish all the tasks before sleeping the next day.

4.Play Soft Music in Background

A piece of soft music can be very helpful in increasing the overall productivity because then the load of the work on mind doesn’t seem to be that much.

Some of you might have the habit to work in silence and get distracted if there is some sort of sound. So if you don’t like any kind of sound while working, you can ignore this one.

5.Block Unproductive Sites While Working

One of the biggest reasons for being unproductive is SOCIAL MEDIA. Most of the time while working, we bounce off to social media sites or YouTube or Netflix and leave our work.

  • Download extension like StayFocued, Chrome Nanny or Tiny Filter in your browser.
  • Select the sites that you want to block.
  • Select the time duration during which you want those sites to be blocked.

Once you start using these extensions, you will find that the time that you used to waste in social media is now saved and hence the productivity is improved.


So these were some of the ways that I have myself tested to increase my freelancing productivity. If you follow them, then I am sure that you will be able to increase your working efficiency as well. All you need is dedication and a healthy thinking mind 🙂

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