4 Workplace Hacks to Boost Productivity


Are you tired of witnessing your best employees wasting their days away with unproductive meetings, complaining about an uncomfortable work environment, and using outdated communication methods that aren’t up to par with today’s advanced technology?

Take a look at the following modern productivity hacks to increase your department’s workflow, sharpen the overall focus of the office, and elevate your working atmosphere to new levels of efficiency.

1. Optimize Your Work Environment’s Ergonomics


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You may want to sit down and get comfortable because it’s important to remember what being comfortable feels like. People tend to do better work and create more ideas when they’re happy, healthy and have a pleasant environment surrounding them.

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Do you want to know the best part? You don’t need to do much to positively impact your office space. Researchers have suggested that nature itself will do the work for you when you let in natural light and add plants and flowers to the workplace.

2. Use Advanced Screen-Sharing Technology to Optimize Meetings

Have you ever tried explaining something important during a meeting, but everyone else in the room is scanning back and forth between a projector and their personal computers?

With advanced screen-sharing technology, you’ll be able to show what you’re describing on their computer screens while letting others collaborate and communicate more effectively.

Screen-sharing technology has a range of uses, from sharing multimedia files to troubleshooting, all while adding convenience. Your meetings will no longer need to have everyone physically present in the same room.

3. Offer Job Flexibility With Telecommuting

Gone are the days when constant micromanaging and in-person communication were the norms for the workplace. Savvy managers have learned to treat their employees with the respect and freedom necessary for workers to increase production.

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What about all the meetings they could be missing? Working remotely has never been more feasible since videoconferencing can be used for training new employees, displaying software functionality to customers, and brainstorming with the rest of your division.

4. Make Your Tech Work for You With Upgraded Speed and Efficiency

If you haven’t wanted to pull out your hair while watching a spinning wheel rotate on your computer screen, then you may be the only one who hasn’t felt this way.

Slow technology is a productivity killer, and if you’re not up-to-date with the latest hardware, you’re likely experiencing somewhere around the average of 40 minutes wasted per person on slow technology within your team.

Upgrading your technology with faster connections and response times will require an initial investment, but you will be rewarded with long-term dividends in employee productivity.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Be First

Today is the day to make a difference in boosting the productivity of your workforce. You don’t want your competitors to see the light before you do. The handwriting is on the wall and is showing you the ways nature and technology can work together to improve a company’s performance.

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