Chances are, if you’ve just splashed out on the latest tablet or phone, then you love your gadgets and would be distraught if anything were to happen to them. You want to take your phone poolside to listen to music, take photos, and stay connected, but what if it falls in the water?

Here are four ways to protect your tech gadgets and keep your devices safe from harm.

1. Avoid Extreme Weather

Your phone and tablet are a little bit like your skin. If your skin is exposed to extremely cold temperatures, it gets frostbitten and damage. If it is exposed to extremely high temperatures, it burns, and skin cells die.

Your gadgets work in exactly the same way. If exposed to high temperatures, they can, and will, overheat and die. Similarly, extra-cold conditions can damage batteries, display screens, and internal components. Keep your gadgets at a temperature you would be comfortable sitting in for the best results.

2. Install A Gadget Device Locator

Apps on your gadgets that track its location can protect it in a number of ways. Firstly, if you lose your device, forget where you put it or leave it on public transport. You can track it to its current location and hopefully find it again.

In the event that the device is stolen, the tracker becomes a valuable tool for police to use in recovering the item. It means that even if the thief sells the device on, police will be able to follow the trail and recover your stolen device.

Thirdly, in the event that your gadget is stolen, you can remotely wipe the data stored on the device, thereby preventing the criminals from finding and using any sensitive data.

3. Back Up Your Data

Protecting your data should be a key part of keeping your gadget safe. Be sure to regularly back up your data, either on a physical hard drive or, even better, on a cloud platform. That way, if the worst-case scenario does happen, and your gadget is either lost forever or ruined to the point of being unusable, you can easily restore your data once you get a new device.

4. Get an Extended Warranty

No matter what your device is, whether it is a phone you take everywhere, a laptop you use for school, or a gaming gadget, you should consider taking out an extended warranty. Accidents are all too common and the consequences can often be costly.

Extended warranties offer protection for a small monthly payment. They ensure that in the event of an accident, where your gadget is damaged or completely destroyed, you will be able to repair or replace the device.

A good extended warranty will protect against all forms of accidental damage, including drops, spills, water damage, and mechanical malfunction. For more information on extended warranties and how they can help protect your gadgets, head to Consumer Priority Service.

By adopting these principles, you can minimize the possibility that your gadget will sustain damage or be the victim of theft. And if they are, the disruption to your life is minimized as much as possible.


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