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It’s impossible to overstate the importance of dependable IT for your business. Without reliable tech support, disaster could strike at any moment, totally crippling your company’s ability to operate.

It’s no secret that IT support isn’t cheap. And yet it’s a necessary part of doing business. The key is knowing whether to maintain an in-house tech department or outsource the work.

This article takes a look at 11 reasons why companies outsource their IT support services. Keep reading to learn why outsourcing might be the best choice for your business.

1. Reduced Anxiety

Modern business relies heavily on the quality of their IT support. That’s because downtime is costly. Every minute that your system is down, you’re losing money. Interruptions in service are simply unacceptable.

Outsourcing your IT is a way of reducing the amount of anxiety your team experiences. In fact, it’s hard to place a price on having full confidence in the reliability of your tech service.

Outside services provide tremendous peace of mind, allowing you and your team to focus on more important things. For that, you might want to consider this managed IT services Houston.

2. Reduced Risk

Business is all about risk. There’s simply no way around it. That’s why it’s vital for your company to minimize risk wherever possible. Companies that provide IT support can help do this.

IT companies have to keep up with a ton of regulations, system updates, threats from viruses and have the ability to solve problems as quickly as possible. Outsourcing those services take the pressure off of you and place it directly on them. In other words, it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

It’s obviously impossible to completely avoid risk, but you should focus on your strengths and let your IT contractor focus on theirs.

3. Reduced Payroll

This is a big one. Take a moment to consider how much you spend on payroll. Good IT specialists are expensive. They are good at their jobs and demand to be compensated accordingly. That’s a major payroll burden for you. Especially when you factor in insurances costs and other pricy benefits.

Outsourcing your IT can help significantly reduce payroll by eliminating full-time positions within your company.

After all, an outside service can do the same work without being onsite. This is a major advantage to you both in terms of labor and overhead costs.

4. Reduced Interruptions in Service 

As businesses rely more and more on their networks, they can’t afford to experience interruptions in workflow.

Fortunately, outsourcing IT services makes it possible to make sure there are always eyes on your network. Third-party IT companies have the resources most companies can’t afford to maintain when staffing a tech department in-house.

The simple truth is that technology is becoming increasingly complicated, requiring specialized hardware and software to keep up with the changing technological landscape. Most businesses simply aren’t willing or able to devote the financial resources needed to prevent potential network interruptions.

IT services, on the other hand, remain fully equipped to handle any situation so that you can rest easy knowing your IT provider has everything under control.

5. Enables You to Focus on Business

Your time and resources are limited. That’s why you need to be able to maximize your efforts in caring for clients and focusing on tasks that generate revenue rather than your IT system.

Outsourced IT services allow you to focus on the parts of your business that are your top priority. In other words, let someone else worry about keeping your network functioning efficiently while you focus on making money.

Outside IT professionals make their money worrying about the kind of details you don’t want to think about. Ultimately, that’s a win-win situation.

6. More Competitive Price Structure

Another factor to consider is the reality that outsourcing IT is simply the most cost-effective option. This saves you money, thus you can pass this savings on to your customers.

Keeping IT in-house is costly, and those costs have to be recouped somewhere down the pipeline. Thus your customers end up paying more, which means they might be tempted to look elsewhere.

7. Compliance and Security

IT is a complicated business, with many government regulations to adhere to, and security concerns to confront and continually deal with.

Outsourcing your IT support means they are responsible for all compliance and security issues, instead of you.

8. More Efficient Disaster Recovery

You will experience network outages. Some are planned and scheduled, while others are not. Outside IT services provide around-the-clock support so that disaster recovery is handled quickly and efficiently.

Keep in mind that the faster your system recovers from an outage, the shorter the interruption to the flow of business will be. Because when it comes to outages, both planned and unplanned, time is money.

9. Implement New Technology Faster

Again, outside IT services are much more likely to maintain the latest technology so that you don’t have to. This allows you to take advantage of their technology without having to pay for it.

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10. Higher Level of Experience

IT services hire the best people. They simply can’t afford to employ anything other than the top programmers, engineers, and technicians. Because when they cut corners, their customers will notice quickly and respond by taking their business to a competitor.

Most in-house IT departments tend to employ people with some IT knowledge and experience, but not the same level of expertise and training as a pro at an outsourcing service.

11. Levels the Playing Field

And finally, outsourcing your IT levels the playing field with your competitors. Because outsourcing provides you with the same or better level of excellence as other companies in your industry have access to.

The Top Reasons Why Companies Outsource Their IT Support

Without good IT support, your business will suffer. And yet your business still needs to cut costs wherever possible. That’s why companies outsource their IT support to services that can provide a higher level of support than is possible when trying to keep it in-house.

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The details covered in the article make it clear why more and more companies are switching to outsourced IT.