10 Signs of a Sketchy Slots Site


Players should be wary before they join a slot site, and this is despite it being safer to gamble online now than it has ever been. The good news is that it is easier to spot a slot site today that does not meet the standards needed to operate in the UK, and here are 10 signs that a slot site is sketchy at best or play Fruit Bonanza Slots.

1. Licensing

All slot sites need a license to operate in the United Kingdom and the UK Gambling Commission is the body in charge of setting the criteria that need to be met by wannabee slot site operators. If they fall short, then they must look for other territories with more relaxed rules in which to set up their businesses. A slot site that does not mention any of its licensing and regulating information should be avoided and even reported. A site that shows no evidence that it has been endorsed by the UK Gambling Commission, is operating illegally in the UK.

2. Poor Customer Services

If you view the customer service information on a slot site and you see limited operating hours and no phone number or live chat, then the site is not customer orientated, and getting through to the site team in an emergency is simply not going to happen. This is typical of a small, badly run site that is anything but professional.

3. No Official Land-Based Address

Slot sites usually display their office-based address and registration number in the information section of the site. An operator with no formal land-based address or a registration number is highly suspicious, and this means that the site is best avoided for security reasons.

4. Poor Banking Options

A poor choice of banking options is very restricting to players and off-putting when it comes to potential customers picking a casino site. Professional casino outfits should have debit card and E-wallet options along with other tried and tested, secure payment methods.

5. Absence of Safer Gambling Tools

All online casinos must have responsible gambling tools such as deposit limits at the disposal of all customers. If a casino has none, then it hasn’t been licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

6. Pay-out Hurdles

Winning at a slot site is hard enough, but when you do finally beat the house fair and square, then the reward should be a smooth and speedy, fuss-free pay-out into the account of your choosing. If there is a delay or unforeseen hurdles are placed between punters and their winnings, this signals a cowboy outfit that should be reported immediately.

7. Documentation

Some sites verify players with instant electronic checks upon registration, others ask for further documentation such as a driving license or passport. If you are continuously told that your documentation isn’t enough, especially when it comes to making withdrawals, then this is just more delaying tactics by the slot site not to pay players their winnings.

8. Jackpot Refusal

Some slots hide the fact that they are sketchy and a little shifty, for when customers win big. Jackpot winners are usually the victims here as casinos invent reasons to justify refusing to pay customers for life-changing wins.

9. Malfunctioning Website

Nothing is more frustrating than playing at a slot site that is continuously malfunctioning, whether it is games that don’t load or spin properly, or other factors such as not being able to sign into the platform, all these points to an amateurish and shambolic casino setup.

10. Reviews

If you ever want an honest appraisal of an online slot site, then visit public review sites that let people review anything and everything. Consistently poor reviews of individual sites usually mean that more is being done wrongly than is being done correctly.

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