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The dawn of technology has given way to shift the way people run their businesses dramatically. Many are now heading to the internet to sell their goods, provide their services, find a cloud backup solution for their small business, and build up an empire. Technology has also led to the development of eCommerce platforms, a business model that has emerged in the digital age. This innovation allows individuals and enterprises to buy and sell over the internet. It has enabled many companies to tap a broader market, but with a cheaper and more innovative alternative than the conventional brick-and-mortar economy.

Developing an eCommerce website is not complicated. However, if you begin with an incorrect eCommerce platform, it will eventually affect your business. Those who would like to take advantage of this opportunity cannot neglect digital media and technology in bringing their products online. Because of this, online shops are rapidly replacing physical stores.

Best eCommerce Platforms You Can Choose From

Through eCommerce platforms, you can customize your product description to better suit your online business needs. That is helpful to both shop owners and customers. Depending on the requisites, such as the product you have or the services you provide over your online business store; you need to look for the best eCommerce platform in Singapore that helps your business grow.


BigCommerce lets you build storefronts on other popular sites like eBay and Amazon. That can be an excellent way to expand your company and increase your scope without creating several profiles. Selling your products through other mediums can be an easy way to branch out while creating consistent branding for your business.

True to its title, BigCommerce is also considered the largest in the industry as it caters to small and large businesses to develop an online shop. It offers a wide range of resources to help you work your way through the online business arena. This platform also allows your social media can also become part of your eCommerce store as BigCommerce will enable you to integrate your social media into your online store. You can also sell your merchandise through these channels, thereby increasing your presence.


For those who are keen on monitoring inventories, this eCommerce platform is a great option. As an eCommerce store, Squarespace is essential to keep track of the product’s quantity, so you will know which of the items are running low. Utilizing Squarespace, you’ll have an opportunity to maximize their inventory management system. Keeping tight monitoring of your inventory is one of the essential aspects of your business.

Squarespace is ideal for small businesses that want a comprehensive and easy-to-use eCommerce store builder. It also has a wide range of store themes that you can choose from to suit your need. When using Squarespace, you will get to control and manage your email list, shipping configuration, and coupon offers.


Many regard Shopify as one of the best eCommerce builders for many businesses. It is also one of the prominent and widely-known builders for online companies of all sizes. Shopify is straightforward, easy to use and has a user interface that does not require you to have any IT or coding skills to create your powerful eCommerce website.

Businesses of all sizes rely on Shopify to make their eCommerce business a reality. It is because Shopify enables you to create customizable online stores even if you do not know coding and design. It helps you to create customized online stores even though you have no experience in coding and design. When your business expands, you don’t have to worry about moving to other platforms. Instead, you can upgrade your subscription so you can continue to cater to your growing target market.


WooCommerce is an open-source and free WordPress plugin operated and designed by WordPress. It’s one of the most relied upon types of eCommerce options these days and power up about 30% of all virtual stores on the internet. Moreover, it is usually used to power up any blogging website that doubles as an online store.

Using WooCommerce will let you add compelling features to your website. WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin that can completely customize your website and provide your eCommerce needs. It is also a user-friendly plugin, making it a prevalent choice for small business owners worldwide.

WooCommerce will make it easy for people to access your online store and give a positive experience in buying your product. By getting this plugin for your WordPress website, you can quickly turn your existing website into an online platform that can help your business grow.


Magento is one of the most widely known open-source eCommerce platforms these days. Initially released in 2009, it got an improved version in Magento 2.0, launched in 2015. It has an improved code base and came with more stability features. In 2018, Adobe purchased Magento.

This eCommerce platform has become a top favorite for small businesses that have already established their name. Magento is a good option as it comes as a compelling platform that offers over 5,000 extensions. However, it takes a little longer development time. It would also require a slightly bigger budget when compared to its competitors.

Big Cartel

People in the creative field who want to explore in a business setting can lean profoundly in Big Cartel. An alternative to Etsy, Big Cartel has become one of the eCommerce platforms for most artists and entrepreneurs who want a place to sell their artworks, jewelry, clothing, and many more.

Choosing to use Big Cartel will give you a simple, easy-to-use, and uncomplicated builder. This online store builder can help you put your best foot forward, remain competitive, and move ahead of your competitors. It is also straightforward to manage and can run faster than other builders like Shopify.


Wix.com is one of the easiest to use you can find in this list. It can provide simple alternatives that can create a full-built website with hassle-free coding. It enables users to make an online store through its drag-and-drop features. It has a wide variety of options, layout, and designs that make it much easier for beginners and budget-constrained business owners to create a unique and efficient website.

Most businesses rely on this eCommerce platform when they do not have a dedicated web designer. Relatively easy to use and have robust functionality that can suffice your basic needs for a business website. There are also a numerous array of plugins that you can use.


Volusion is one of the longest-running eCommerce platforms you can find in the market these days. Despite Shopify’s growing popularity, WooCommerce, and more, it has remained a stable player in the market. It has generated $28 billion in sales and has over 30,000 stores using the platform.

With Volusion, you can Get started right away but still have space to build throughout your preferred template. Unlike other store builders that will ask you to visit an app store, numerous relevant features are already included in the standard dashboard. Volusion may have displayed its age in several ways, but it is still a reliable framework that satisfies most business requirements.


A powerful and secure eCommerce software, 3DCart worked with 22,000 online companies in 20 years of service. This eCommerce platform is aimed at helping online businesses create stores on the internet to sell more.

3Dcart has more than 200 features, 50 free themes, provides SEO solutions, and recognizes over 100 payment processors.  The service offers built-in features, mobile-friendly themes, state-of-the-art SEO specifications, and marketing eCommerce technology to equip your store and help convert higher. That will also lead to improved conversion rates.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Known before as Demandware, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an eCommerce platform tailored to both B2C and B2B business. It is cloud-based and offers order management, commerce personalization with AI, globalization solutions for international companies, and more solutions categorized by business type, needs, industry, and role.

However, despite handling high volumes of traffics and sales, Salesforce is not suitable for small brands or starters in selling online as its high price and complex technological requirements.

Final Thoughts

Technology has given excellent opportunities for businesses of all sizes to find an avenue to reach a wider audience and implement strategies in selling their product and offerings. Owning and building a website has become necessary for businesses that want to survive in the modern era.

Leveraging the best eCommerce platform that would suit your business should always be on top of your list. It will not only make your website look good, but it will provide a seamless and positive experience to your target audience. Having a functional, easy to use, and straightforward eCommerce store will be your drive to succeed.

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