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The growth of Internet users have increased to another level and according to the records more than ten billion started to access internet from past ten years, which is not only a record, but also connecting the world. Social media became a giant source of traffic and many sites are getting online.

Every business wants their website to be online and number of websites are increasing every single day.

000webhost Review


If you have a designer ready, then you need only two things to get your site online. A domain and a hosting account to get your website online. Go to search engine and you will find millions of services which will get the job done.

You can acquire a domain for under $10, but a quality hosting account will cost you $50-$100 every year and you cannot waver the amount because they needed it. You cannot complain about the packages every hosting company is offering because they need it to run the company and servers.

You can search about “Free hosting sites” and the search results will offer you millions of pages offers free hosting, but which is the best among them?

So, which is the right one?

000webhost is a free hosting provider, which offers free hosting services that does not cost you a single penny and you no longer have to worry about it.

How different are 000webhost from the rest of the competition? We are going to list down the features you get from the 000webhost, so you can make a decision.

Features (Only PROS)

What we are going to do for you is to make a list of features, which the 000webhost is offering and they function really well, so no need to worry about the performance.

Control Panel – In the market, control panel is an important aspect for various reasons. Currently, cPanel is the largest control panel licensing company for hosting accounts. The only reason why I prefer cPanel over anything else because when you have issues, you can find the solution online regardless of how rare it is.

Space – Now that they have said that it is free to use. But, how free it is? You get 1000MB of space, which is equivalent to 1GB. For a business site, 1GB is more than enough, but not a blog.

Bandwidth – If you have huge traffic, then you don’t need to worry about it because 000webhost offers you 10,000MB of bandwidth, which is enough for a site that has decent traffic.

Uptime – The company has promised to provide 99% uptime, which is a daring claim because free hosting companies can never provide 99% uptime. 000webhost has premium users as well, which helps the company fund free version.

Website builder & Auto Installer – I would buy a hosting account to host my blog, and CMS are popular. If you have a auto-installer like softculous, then you can Install WordPress to Joomla in one click. A website builder is needed for beginners, who wants to get their site online.

No Advertisements – In the past every free hosting company use to place advertisements and make money off it, but now 000webhost is no longer displaying advertisements, which is a good thing for many people.


There are plenty of things you need to know about the free hosting, which we are going to tell you, so you know where you are going to invest your time.

Customer Support – You won’t get any support from the 000webhost and I am not surprised. But, the good part is that there is a forum where you can seek help from the community.

Space – We have mentioned that you get 1000MB, which is not enough for a blog, but you can always upgrade your account. When you making money online you can purchase a premium version and plans are priced fairly low which is good for many of us.


Read Terms & Conditions – The list of people whose account is closed without any consent is massive because they don’t follow rules, then they complain. Make sure to read the terms and conditions, so do not make any mistakes.

No SSL Certificate – SSL certificate is something you get for free from the hosting account, but the company is not offering it. However, there are many plugins for WordPress and other CMS which helps you install SSL certificates that keep your site safe.


There are PROS and CONS in 000WebHost, but what can you expect more from a free hosting site? It is already costing them thousands of dollars in maintenance and handling it. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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