CyanogenMod 10.1 for Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos-Latest

I hope you have already tried the latest CyanogenMod 10.1 for Samsung Galaxy mini. This time I bring the Android 4.2.1 CM10.1 for Samsung Galaxy Ace instead of galaxy mini. Though I don’t have galaxy Ace, I tried to install the below ROM on my friend’s device and surprisingly it got flashed without any issues.

As you can see in my galaxy mini post, most of my loyal readers asked me to provide the latest CyanogenMod 10.1 ROMs for galaxy Ace. The main reason why I’m not intended to post about SGA, aka, Samsung galaxy Ace is I don’t like to roughly provide the links without testing in my own devices.

Thanks to my friend for giving me his phone to root and install CM10.1. I was bit confused about its result since I’ve a bitter experience with SGA. That I will tell you later. Let’s come to the matter.

CyanogenMod is always a great source for experiencing high end features in any low and legacy devices like SGM and SGA. The only thing which we lack after trying the ROM is our poor phone’s hardware configuration. However, something is better than nothing. Nope, I may don’t call it as “something” because you will get almost anything as we usually gets in high end phones except hardware functionalities after using custom ROMs.

Here I provide the latest updated version of CyanogenMod 10.1 for Samsung Galaxy Ace.

What’s new in this release
21.01.2013 Beta6:

*All proprietaries libs are updated to latest stock ROM versions

*Audio HAL updated

*Camera HAL updated (Better preview handling)

*Offline charging fix

*Gmail app removed (can be installed from marked)

*BLN support disabled by default,
can be enabled by BLN Controll

*some kernel updates and

*kernel: deprecated compcache
removed, new zram is added

*default WiFi sleep policy changed to never (you can choose it in wi-fi


*triple buffering disabled now

*GPS updates: HAL is built from
sources, updated gps.conf, faster
GPS lock

*CM & androidarmv6 latest sources and many Other changes…

Whats working:


*Camera preview & taking pictures




*Mobile data



*HW accel

*Touch (with multitouch)


*USB mass storage



*Camera recording

Known bugs:

#Audio routing issue: in some cases audio routes to handset instead of headset

#Secure WiFi AP


Download CM10.1 ROM

Flashing Procedure

* Download and copy the ROM to your SD Card.

* Reboot your phone to recovery by
pressing home button + power button simultaneously.

*. Choose Install from SD Card by
navigating with volume keys.

* Choose the installed file from the list.

*. After installation, wipe data, and
dalvik cache.

*. Reboot system.

Done. This version does not include Gapps. So you’ve to install it manually.

Note : 1. Only do the above procedures if your Android device is rooted already.

2. Always do a NANDROID backup
before applying any updates. So move on to recovery options > restore and backup > backup

3. After installing the ROM, you may sometimes struck at boot. Just

reinsert the battery and switch on.

Download GApps from here

Hope this guide has helped you to get most from your Android device. Share and do let me know if some bugs have conquered your flashing.


    • bandish says

      Hi, im using clockworkmod recowery v5.,but still i am unable to update my samsung galaxy ace duos gt-s6802 with the Downloaded update file
      the following is the error encountered, please help me by providing the solution to enable me update my Galaxy Ace Duos- GT-S6802 from Adnroid 2.36 to jelly bean 4.2

      installing update… assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “cooper” II getprop(“”) == “cooper” II getprop(“ro.product.board”) == “cooper” II getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “GT-S5830″ II getprop(“ro.product.board”) == “”GT-S5830″ E:Error in /sdcard/ (Status 7) installation aborted.

  1. Prakash says

    Are you sure it is for Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos ? The file description says it is for Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830) beta 6….

    • says

      This ROM is meant for all Galaxy Ace Duos. So if your phone listed in the category, you can try this. Please do make a backup before proceeding any uncertain tweaks. Thanks.

  2. aman says

    i have samsung galaxy ace duos cdma (sch-i589).
    can you please assist me with rooting this device and also providing a working cyanogenmod rom to the same.

    • says

      Hi Aman, I’ve started searching for your requirement. Please be patient while I post a detailed rooting guide for your need. You can mail me in case I miss that. Thanks.

  3. aman says

    Somehow i have got a method to root this device..BUT NOT TESTED YET..
    Plz help with finding the custom rom (cm 7 preffered)..



    • says

      Nice to see you again friend. Can you please mention which tutorial you have got? If so, I can test it with my device and post the result. However, I can give you almost all custom ROMs if you want. Thanks.

  4. Hardik says

    Can you please provide me as to how to install CM 10.1 on Galaxy Ace duos (SCH-I589) It’s CDMA+GSM variant.


    • says

      Please allow me some time as I proceed with the other user’s requests. As you can see I’m currently processing with many users requests. Kindly subscribe to the newsletter for instant notification.

    • says

      Ya, I tried. Heck it’s. Completely unstable and lots of bugs. The phone keeps restarting even after I tried with 3 generic build ROMs. Never try that. Don’t worry bro, myself trying to produce a positive result. Please do subscribe to our newsletter.

  5. Vipin abrahm says

    this thing does not work on s6802
    you test it … then post!!
    i have renamed the update scrip then too no use….

    please fix…

      • saumitra says

        there was no error this time only sayng
        find update package..
        opening update package…
        installing update…
        intstalling aborted.

        i think its for ace and not ace duos s6802 as its not installing in my phone please check your friend phone or atleast upload a video in youtube it will be very kind ofyou if you could do that!!

      • saumitra says

        its seems like its true that it is not for ace duos s6802 as i too tried the samething and got status 7 error which i removed by updating the update scrip and got the following
        finding update…
        opening update…
        installing update…
        installation aborted.
        i think its for ace not ace duos please check your friend phone once or if you can upload a video to youtube it will be very kind

        • Wasi Bilgrami says

          Boss…Not working on mine too…Please check first your friend cell model. I think this update is only for Galaxy ACE. Not for ACE DUOS. getting same error which SAUMITRA saying. Help to resolve this problem. I want to install it on my cell

          • says

            Hi Wasi, I had contacted the developer of this ROM regarding the compatibility check. He said that it would work on all Ace variants but I don’t know why you are getting error since I’ve checked the same procedure in my behalf. Let me search on the ROM update. I will update if I get newer versions. Do subscribe our newsletter to receive our latest posts.

          • Wasi says

            Hi Sid! Are you sure this is for GT-S6802 ? because when you click on your given link it’s showing it’s for GT-S5830

          • Wasi Bilgrami says

            I also tried STATUS 7 Trick… Everything install properly but my system didn’t update and still have 2.3.6 GB version

  6. Vivek Shama says

    Please post a CM10.1 post for Samsung Galaxy S Duos (GT S7562).
    Or should I go ahead with these steps on my phone. ??

    • Vivek Shama says

      Also, if something goes wrong, then I can always flash my phone with stock_recovery.tar file right ?

      What my question here is, if something goes wrong then phones software to download the custom firmware will work or not ?
      (in Galaxy S Duos, it opens by Vol_Down + Power + Home press).

      • says

        Hi, there are 2 major types of risks while doing so. Soft brick and hard brick. You can identify which has happened by simply connecting your charger. If your phone responds to the charging, it’s soft brick otherwise, it’s hard brick. If hard brick occurred, nothing will help except approaching with Samsung care.

  7. Pedro says

    Hello Sid, i saw that u try to help us all, and i’m very grateful about that too;
    but I also some people here have this error when try to install this ROM on the S6802

    “opening update package…
    installing update…
    intstalling aborted.”

    i’m realy want to update my android, so if u can help us, i’ll be very grateful.

    tnx anyway

    • says

      Ohh, so sorry for the trouble. The link from the source has been updated and I didn’t know it. I will update it ASAP. Thanks for commenting and stay in touch.

  8. Kushal GUpta says

    Hi. im having problem with my galaxy ace duos SCH I589 . while rooting …before that i have wiped out the cache memory and user data.. then without rooting ..i iried to install a rom. which is probably corrupted one. now i whenever i start the phone , it stucks at LOGO screen with its model no. and thats it.
    i really need help . urgent…. ! ! ! please reply. !

    • says

      Your phone is soft bricked. For this, just insert a new rom in your SD card and flash it will CWM. Let me know if it works.

  9. aditya says

    Hi Sid,
    i does this mod works on ace sch i589 ….
    Plz rply some solid results ..
    Thanks in advance…

  10. daniel says

    sorry I saw the link, I just would like to know if it really works as I am new on these procedures and so a little ……

  11. Chuno says

    I contacted Pavel, former developer of that ROM. He says he may not be sure if this rom would run or even install in ACE DUOS S5802, for he developed the rom for his ACE, which is slightly different hardware.

  12. Pawan says

    Unfortunately , I’ve been damaged my sga 6802 three time and the problem was soft brick by flashing this custom Rom android 4.0,bla bla bla.
    Thi Rom is not tested and not supported s6802 .
    So if you want to flash a custom Rom you can download and flash A-DROID ROM BY AASHISH.
    I hope s6802 users will not damage own smartphone!

    • says

      Hi Pawan, what actually happened was, the first link has been replaced with CM for SGA by mistake and it was an error from the develepor side. BTW, I have already corrected the link with A-Droid ROM. Check it our. 😀

  13. Murtazaali says

    I have updated as you told. its great buddy. but after that I am not able to receive neither call nor able to open google play.
    Now I am in the condition to get back in my original condition.
    Can you help me out how can I get my phone back in original condition?
    So that I can enjoy my Samsung ace duos s6802 in original mode.
    Your promp reply will help me a lot.
    Thank you.

  14. Siddhant says

    Bro. i updated with CyanogenMod 10.1 but i have a problem. When anyone calls me i am only getting missed call notification and caller listens that the subscriber is busy. I restored prevision version & factory setting but nothing works. Sim is working because i tried with 4 different sims in both slots but problem remains. Help me thank you in advance.

  15. Daisy says

    Hello Sid,

    What is the status the SCH – i589 ROM? Some guys at the xda forums have a chineses version, do you have an Indian version?
    Also what custom recovery did you use?

    Will appreciate a prompt reply..

    • Sayantan Mahato says

      Hi Daisy,

      I guess it might be out by now. As far as custom recovery is concerned, Sid uses CWM.


  16. mohit says

    Hey sid bro my ace duos sch i589 is soft briked and. I can’t find the firmware for it. Also no custom ROM. And as my phone can’t go to recovery mode I have to flash cwm recovery with Odin but for sch i589 no Odin flashable custom recovery is there. What should I do. Help me please bro.

    • Sayantan Mahato says

      Hi Mohit,

      You can comment down your query on XDA, they would help you get what you need.

      I hope it helps, Thanks.

  17. kannan says

    hi sidharth

    u told me cyanogen 10 is for ace duos. can u pls tell me if i update it dual sim working or not?

  18. danish bhardwaj says

    sir…..i dnt know wht to do nd wht is the process of rootng ……pls help me sir…
    snd me the link wht is to dowload…nd the pricess to get roted….plss help me sir

  19. t3snake says

    U have to reemove the checking mechanism from updater script to be able to flash rom.
    This rom will not flash on anything except s5380 or the one the rom is for
    U have to go in meta inf and open the updaterscript and remove a few lines of code to be able to make it flashable

  20. HARIBASKAR says

    Sir.. I want to update my s6802 mob to 4.0 or 4.2 version… Is there any rom to update it?
    If yes please put the link in comment.

  21. says

    hey sidharth cm10.1 is not working on my samsung galaxy ace duos gt-S6802…can u plz guide me..or put some updated cm link…asap…my phne isnt working…urgent help

  22. rajesh says

    i wiped my phone entierly my phone starts up and says touch android to continue but it not working i never had a backup what can i do to recover my phone.

  23. MADE IN BRAZIL says



  24. Rohit says

    In My Ace Dous i Cant Install Ur Rom Plz Plz Plz……………………………………….
    I Need Help I Somehow Wanted To Get Rid of Gingerbread And Move On To Some Other And I Heard Cynagonmod Is V Good Rom But Each Time I Try To Do It it Shows that Installation Aborded The Reason Is This Cynagonmod Is Of Ace And My Set Is Ace Dous GT-S6802 PLz I Need Ur Guidance

  25. Rohit says

    In My Ace Dous i Cant Install Ur Rom Plz Plz Plz……………………………………….
    I Need Help I Somehow Wanted To Get Rid of Gingerbread And Move On To Some Other And I Heard Cynagonmod Is V Good Rom But Each Time I Try To Do It it Shows that Installation Aborded The Reason Is This Cynagonmod Is Of Ace And My Set Is Ace Dous GT-S6802 PLz I Need Ur Guidance

  26. says

    Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the likes of the HTC One and
    Apple i – Phone 5 is inevitable. Underneath the screen there is a Home button, with a capacitive menu.
    What appears on both phones’ screens is very customizable, which is
    nice because I really didn’t like the way they were set up out of the box.

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