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Download & Apply this Scary Zombie Invasion Wallpaper on Your Desktop

zombie invasion wallpaper download
Download the scary zombie invasion wallpaper on your desktop and apply within minutes. Surprise your friends and children with this awesome zombie live wallpaper.

Live wallpapers can be fun. How would it be if a bunch of zombies invade into your homescreen and try hard to break the screen to ‘touch’ you? Well,  you can easily setup such scary wallpaper on your computer within a minute or two. Not only it’s a bit scary, but also a freaking crazy idea to surprise your friends as well.

You only need a wallpaper engine to load custom files and a video file to turn your desktop into a zombie park. I will be providing both along with installation instruction. Let’s see how you can apply the Zombie invasion wallpaper video on your desktop.


How to Apply Zombie Invasion Wallpaper Video on Desktop

  • Download the wallpaper engine and the zombie invasion video from the below download section.
  • Now extract the wallpaper engine and run the application. There are both 32 and 64 bit applications. So choose accordingly.zombie invasion
  • Now from the system tray, right click on the wallpaper engine and select ‘Change Wallpaper‘ option.
  • In the main screen, choose ‘Open from File‘ option and load the zombie video.
  • Save it by clicking the OK button. You’re good to go.

Download Zombie Invasion Wallpaper Files

File credits: https://www.facebook.com/groups/xdaotgroup/

In case you’re getting DLL file mising errors (like MSVCP,MSVCR), just download the .dll files from any dll sites and copy it to the bin folder of wallpaper engine directory.

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