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No doubt, YouTube is the most prominent streaming service that enjoys great popularity all across the world. Just imagine, this media platform is used by about 20-30 million people every day – the numbers speak volumes. The service also offers paid memberships to expand your streaming opportunities and get the best possible user experience. So, you can subscribe to YouTube TV, Music, or Premium and enjoy a great number of adventurous service features. But since these membership options are fee-based, you lose access to all the perks as soon as payment issues occur. While it sometimes may be enough to know how to update YouTube TV payment to fix the problem, there are cases that require a more profound approach and professional troubleshooting from Howly experts. Anyway, you’ll find some solutions in this guide, so let’s get into the matter.

How to fix a declined YouTube payment

A declined payment is the most common problem that deprives YouTube subscribers of all membership benefits. It’s actually quite annoying, especially when the transaction keeps failing over and over again. Since the reasons for such a payment issue vary, you may find it difficult to determine a proper troubleshooting method. So, try out the following fixes one by one to deal with it. If you need an instant diagnosis and solution to your problem, visit – they’ll help you online in a matter of minutes.

Check your card balance

Insufficient funds are the most common reason for transaction failures. Therefore, checking your card balance is the first and simplest thing you can do to determine the problem and fix your YouTube payment issues. As soon as there are enough funds, the service will charge the monthly fee automatically.

Ensure your internet connection is stable

Sometimes, the reason lies on the surface, and your payment is declined due to network interruptions. So, make sure your Wi-Fi or cellular network is working properly. You can reconnect your device to fix minor bugs or restart it. Moreover, a full router reboot may also help you fix internet connectivity. Once you’re sure your network is stable, repeat the payment.

Re-check your card info

Financial transactions often fail because of an invalid billing address or an expired bank card. To check and edit this information you need to:

  1. Open the Paid memberships section via your PC browser. If you use the YouTube app on your phone, tap your profile image, and pick Paid memberships.
  2. Hit the Info icon next to the notification that “Your payment method couldn’t be processed”
  3. Tap Update

Now, re-check your card info carefully, paying attention to the smallest detail. Make sure the zip code indicated for your payment method matches the one of your billing address. If your bank card is no longer valid, add another one as your new payment method.

Submit the requested payment info

If you see a notification saying that you need to submit more details to Google, try verifying your identity via Google Pay. The process is easy and can be done in several ways:

With a verification code:

  1. Visit
  2. Tap Alerts (the bell icon) in the top right corner and hit Verify. If you have no alerts – open Payment methods
  3. Spot your card, hit Verify, and tap Get code
  4. Explore the transaction history and find a temporary charge called “Google” (its amount will be less than $1.95 and may vary depending on your currency) – the last 6 digits are your verification code
  5. Get back to your account and type in the code

With documents:

To verify your payment method or identity with documents, follow the link specified in the verification request. Thus, you’ll get the list of required papers and instructions to complete. If you face some problems or need step-by-step guidelines, contact Howly experts for prompt help.

Reach out to your card issuer

If the above methods don’t help and you still have no idea of what’s happening with your transaction, your card issuer may help shed some light on the problem. So call your bank and ask whether they know the reason for transaction failures. If you aren’t currently in the United States, make sure your card allows international transactions. Moreover, some banks require you to authorize your card for performing payments online.

How to fix other annoying YouTube payment problems

Some users also claim they can’t access their YouTube TV accounts after paying membership fees, while others report errors when changing payment methods. Further widespread troubles concern pending transactions and too long billing authorization. But whatever problem you encounter, you can easily solve it at Highly-qualified tech specialists provide quick online troubleshooting for any YouTube payment issues irrespective of your membership type.

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