7 YouTube Marketing Tips for 2020: Follow These Top Brands


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The marketing strategy for YouTube in 2020 implies the need to influence the old and the new. There is a need to update new trends, updates, and features on social media and the platform.

Are you aware that visual content receives the most attention? Videos are highly preferred by the audience, regardless of whether it is a B2B service or some retail business. Create content to enjoy the enormous scope and to engage with the audience.

YouTube is the best channel that allows streamlining workflow. This platform enjoys huge viewership that reaching an audience in segments is possible. And with more than a few hundred million videos actively being added to the platform annually, you often never see people deleting youtube videos from their accounts. Most of them just stay in place and bring in new views here and there.

Whether you are creating new content or simply looking for ways to increase traffic to your brand through YouTube marketing, here are some of the best working methods and tips for 2020.

1. Create a YouTube Brand Channel

Creating a YouTube channel for your brand is a must so that it spins the story of your brand to people. It should speak everything about your brand. Add your logo as the icon and with a YouTube banner, you can see the audience numbers increasing on your social media.

Begin from the “About” section, such that you add your brand’s brief description. Reflect brand voice and ensure action leading to other pages or your website. Divide videos, create branded playlists, and categorize them into webinars, based on the video content.

2. Consistently Add and Create Compelling Videos

Creating video content gets audiences talking. The YouTube videos most importantly bring out the story of each brand. Create YouTube videos complementing your website content or blog. Ask your customers to give reviews, share experiences on your products, thereby take to the next level your YouTube marketing. Run a separate blog channel and regularly interact with audiences using this platform.

Make informative video content, interviews with seniors, industry professionals, and experts. Post tutorials or videos giving know-how of your product and its usage. Consistently keep posting videos and do not miss out on adding videos regularly.

3. Power your YouTube Tools and Features

There is a host of YouTube tools and features enhancing YouTube marketing in 2020. You can add your calls to action using the end screens. Share a video to understand product assembling and add content from playlists. vanced youtube is a great tool to enhance YouTube’s functionalities.

Add transcripts and add closed captions to ensure the video content is widespread. The language barrier is cut out and it makes content consumable. Reaching out to disabled people is possible with YouTube features and having a video transcript keyword-optimized promotes YouTube SEO, as well. You can raise to the next level by powering on YouTube marketing tips.

4. Optimize Video Description and Thumbnails on YouTube

As the video description and thumbnails on YouTube offer a glimpse of your content, for better results you should optimize them. The thumbnail of YouTube should push the users of YouTube to watch your video. A good YouTube thumbnail image is to includes a caption and a picture. Add a popping image so that it grabs your audience’s attention. For best response use facial closeups. The idea is to develop in the thumbnail a visual representation.

As per the YouTube marketing tips of 2020, the video descriptions also account for your presence. It should enhance SEO YouTube. It should align the descriptions and complement the content. Use catchy phrases that your users are pushed to click on the video’s play button.

5. Add YouTube Stories

After Facebook and Instagram, YouTube takes to the bandwagon of stories. There are features of stories allowing to add mobile-only view videos as it is short and expires after 7 days. This feature offered by YouTube has brought in more subscribers. Creating stories on YouTube takes a few seconds and you can tap on your profile and edit it. Time to trim the YouTube stories by adding music, filters, stickers, text, and links.

Using this feature and tools you can diversify your content. You can build with your community a strong relationship and it promotes engagement. Remember to create compelling stories that expand your community.

6. Run-on YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns

On YouTube include influencer marketing strategy to enjoy the benefits such as easy access to a greater number of audiences, diversification of content, and access to the skills of another creator.

Find your niche influencers, employ them and get the right influencer marketing. Find influencers having the right set of experience and skill-sets by conducting brand checks. Likewise, keep track of trends and keep away from outdated marketing practices.

7. Seize Audience Insights

YouTube strategy in 2020 is an ideal way of making your videos appear. The key to building is in having in-depth knowledge of the marketing strategy. Deploy an intelligence tool in social media to seize audience insights. Include audience demographics with insights.

Capture the audience by creating content, videos, and insights that cater to your audience’s desires. Understand their gender, geographical, and age composition to create content and videos. At the same time, you also need to realize that there is a special place for video in the world of SEO. Google loves user engagement and you can’t find more engagement than what is currently happening in the world of video.

YouTube marketing tips for 2020 are about tracking performance as the important metrics. Using it you can track top videos, watch time retention, engagement video-wise, and lots more.

To get the most out of your video content creation and marketing efforts, be sure to run through each of the methods we highlighted above and start implementing these best practices into your day-to-day operations today. If you don’t, your competition will!

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