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Android or Apple?

It’s one of those debates of the world that’s never going to end. In true sense, both are the winners. Both has its own pros and cons, and different people have different preferences which make this debate quite illogical.

Android Tools

But speaking of pros, one of the biggest reason why people choose to go for android is its nature. It’s open sourced, and can be completely customized across its length and breadth.

And when it comes to Android’s customization, one can’t miss Xposed: the framework and the modules. To unleash the true beast, you got to use the Xpose modules. It’s a free (and powerful) tool which gives you the power of adding extra features and functionality to your Android device.

If you are using any roms like CyanogenMod or PAC, you might have got features like screen recording, airplane mode in power menu and so on (which doesn’t comes stock). But what if you wanted to add these features to your stock rom? Xposed Modules are here to help you out with that.

But it doesn’t limits to that. It also provides many other features that  general ROMs don’t offers. With Xposed, customization potential is huge and unlimited. And with more and more modules coming day by day, it would be hard for you to filter the main and important ones. So here’s a list of few important xposed modules.


After ‘terms and conditions’ of various websites, app permissions is the second which we usually don’t bother and read. But sometimes, we do care about our privacy. But the problem with android apps is that you can’t stop the access to certain parts like Internet specifically. You have to directly uninstall them. This is when this module comes handy.

This module enables the ‘App Ops’ functionlity on your Android device and you can change and set permissions through the app’s settings. For example, some apps need message permission just to verify, and not after that. So you can easily turn it off.


This is something every users wants in his phone. Every user gets unwanted calls, maybe from telecom operators or some strangers. With this module you can easily block them without installing any app.

It’s an free module with many advanced features. You have the ability to block calls and messages. You can set up exceptional lists, black list; and there’s many options for each blacklisted number.


With this plugin, you can nearly customize every bit of your UI. From icons to statusbar, you can modify it according to your choice. There is also an Samsung-specific plugin from the developers of Wanam.


When it comes to security, no one can make you more secure than XPrivacy. If you are afraid that your sensitive data might get leaked, then XPrivacy is the module for you. It works by restricting the app from accessing the internet, cellular network and so on. It usually does that by either not feeding any data to the app or feeding any false data. There are lots of things to restrict from contacts to call logs and so on.

Tinted Translucent Status Bar

This module emulates the effect of tinted status bar from Android 5.0. if you want a taste of Android 5.0, this module might help you out with that. You can add the translucent mode to both status bar and navigation bars. The module comes packed with a huge database of color profiles and will download it automatically. It will then try to make the status bar of the same color as of the app. Along with that, it comes packed with several options such as choosing the color of tint, which app to be tinted , layout adjustment and so on.

GravityBox (KK)

Gravity Box is like several modules packed into one. With it, you can control almost every bit of your website. From basic things like quick settings panel to advanced features like screen recording, almost everything is packed into it.

You have also got the features of another module called Android Phone Vibrator, with it you can do wonder with vibrations. Among others, it also has full screen ID, advanced power menu and so on.

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By Sayantan Mahato

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