I’ve been trying to unlock my bootloader of Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime and found this weird error “Couldn’t Verify Device : Current account is different from the account info on the device”. In my developer career, I had successfully unlocked bootloaders of HTC, Moto, Sony etc and didn’t face an error like this. Obviously, I started searching on the forums and blogs for a solution for bootloader unlock stuck issue.bootloader stuck 50% couldn't verify device

Believe me, 8 out of 10 Xiaomi users have faced this issue while unlocking their bootloader. Whenever they try to unlock bootloader of Xiaomi device say, Redmi Note 3, they get current account is different from the account info on the device xxxx followed by Could not verify device error.

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The problem arises when you’re trying to unlock the bootloader using MiFlashUnlock tool. After you sign in with your Mi account, it checks whether your Xiaomi device has permission to unlock the device. Then it prompts you to connect your device in fastboot mode and upon clicking Unlock button, it says current account is different from the account info on the device redmi note 3 or similar devices.

This couldn’t verify error occurs in the middle of the first unlocking step, which means when the progress bar reaches 50%, it’d show up the error. I had tried almost all workarounds to fix this verification issue and finally unlocked my bootloader successfully. If you’re stuck at 50% while unlocking bootloader of your Redmi/Mi device getting “couldn’t verify device current account is different from the account info on the device redmi xxxx”, you can follow this article to successfully unlock bootloader of your device.

Unlock Bootloader Stuck at 50% : Requirements

  • Backup your data as unlocking bootloader of your device may wipe everything internal. You can try sync it with your Mi cloud account to backup later.
  • Install necessary Mi drivers on your PC. Also, connect your device in fastboot mode and check in PC’s Device Manager whether there’re any uninstalled drivers showing (Yellow mark). Fix it first.
  • Remove all sorts of security from your phone including fingerprints, PINs, passwords or patterns. This is very necessary.
  • Disable driver signature verification if you’re using Windows 8+. Read this to disable signature verification on your Windows OS.
  • Login to your Mi account from your phone with the mobile number and enable Find My Device  option.

Updated & Confirmed Trick to Fix Couldn’t Verify Device Error while Unlocking Bootloader

Enable OEM Unlock option under developer settings and turn on USB Debugging first.bootloader device mismatch

  1. First of all, remove fingerprint, PIN, pattern and passwords from your device.
  2. Now remove Mi account from the device.
  3. Add Mi account again with your account details. Turn off Find Device option on the next screen.
  4. Now open MiFlash Unlock tool and log in your Mi account.
  5. Once it verifies the account credentials and you get the Unlock window, turn off Internet on your computer.
  6. Wait for around 5 minutes. Now boot your phone into fastboot mode and connect to the computer.
  7. Establish Internet connection again and click on Unlock button on MiFlash Tool.
  8. Success!!!

How to Fix Couldn’t Verify Device Bootloader Stuck at 50% Error in Xiaomi

The first step to start the unlocking process of your bootloader is to gain permission from Mi. For this, head on to Mi Official Bootloader unlock page and give your account credentials. You have to download their MiFlashUnlock tool to unlock the bootloader.

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[mks_button size=”large” title=”MiFlashUnlock” style=”rounded” url=”http://bigota.d.miui.com/miflashunlock/MiFlashUnlock_1.1.0317.1_en.zip” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#81d742″ txt_color=”#1c1c1c” icon=”” icon_type=”” nofollow=”0″]

After downloading the tool, just extract it to a folder. The overall process to get permission from their site is listed below.

How to Request Permission for Bootloader Unlock

  1. Visit Mi unlock page and click Unlock Now button.
  2. In the next page, you will be asked to give your Mi account details. If it’s showing in Chinese, you can translate it using Google Chrome. Remember to give your Mobile number.
  3. Give required details in the next page including your username, mobile number (You’ll get verification code), a reason to unlock etc.
  4. Mobile verification will be initiated to your number. Enter the code in the next window.
  5. Once the code is verified, you’ll be seeing a page which says that your application has been received and please be patient for the review.

After you perform the above-mentioned steps, all you have to do is wait till you get a confirmation message saying that your unlock request has been granted. It would take few days to few weeks to receive the message. In my case, I got the message within 8 hours. Lucky me.

Follow the below steps only after getting the confirmation message from Xiaomi. You won’t be able to unlock your device unless they approve your bootloader unlock request.

Couldn’t Verify Device : Current Account is Different from the Account Info on the Device redmi/Mi

After getting the permission, just switch off your phone and press and hold Vol – key and power button till your phone vibrates and shows fastboot sign. Open MiFlashUnlock tool and log in with your Mobile number and password. Do not try with Mi account ID or mail address. Being in fastboot mode, connect your Mi phone to computer and in the MiFlashUnlock tool, click on Unlock Now button. There are 3 steps involved in the bootloader unlocking process of your Redmi/mi device.

  • Verifying Device Information (Most difficult step to pass)
  • Unlocking
  • Unlocking Finished step

If you get an error in the first step ; Stuck at 50% saying that “Couldn’t Verify Device : Current Account is Different from the Account Info on the Device”, follow the troubleshooting methods listed below.

Fix Bootloader Stuck at 50% : Couldn’t Verify Device

  1. In the phone, log out from your Mi account and sign in with your registered mobile number. If your number is not registered, do it first.
  2. Remove all sorts of security from your phone including pattern, fingerprint, PIN, and password.
  3. Enable Find My Device in your phone and visit i.mi.com and log in with your Mi account. Then try to locate your phone. If it’s showing Online and your phone is listed there, proceed with the below steps.
  4. Enable developer options in your Mi device by tapping MIUI version (About Phone) multiple times. Then under developer options, enable the option to unlock bootloader ; OEM Unlocking.
  5. Now connect your phone to PC in fastboot mode and try the above mentioned unlocking steps. If you’re still getting Couldn’t Verify Device and stuck at 50% while unlocking the bootloader, you still have 4 options left.couldn't verify device bootloader stuck at 50
  • Instead of mobile number, log in with your Mi account ID in both phone and i.mi.com
  • Instead of the latest MiFlashTool link, download any previous versions and have a try.
  • If you’re on global stable builds, try switching to global beta or china beta versions and try with unlocking.
  • Finally, the sure-shot solution : wait for few more days until your device information gets updated on the Mi servers.

These are the all possible solutions to fix the bootloader stuck at 50% error while unlocking bootloader on Xiaomi Remi and Mi series phones. Upon getting Couldn’t Verify Device : Current Account is Different from the Account Info on the Device redmi/Mi, just follow each and every step mentioned above and I’m sure that you can unlock your Mi bootloader without much fuss.