WWW vs Non WWW: Which is Right from SEO Perspective

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A website can perform better if it uses www domains. But the story doesn’t end here. With non-www URLs as well as www URLs some pros and cons are associated. Now in terms of SEO, I will show you the benefits of non-www URLs as well as www URLs.

Technical differences between Non-WWW and WWW URLs

We will call a domain a “naked” domain if it is a non-www domain. It is possible to attach several subdomains to a www domain. Basically, a subdomain in the URLs of websites at the time of the beginning of the internet was www. After a few years, if someone took interest in searching something online on a website then instead of using www, they started using the name of the websites. For getting rid of www this trend was followed by a large number of webmasters.

Practically a non-www URL and a www URL are not different from each other. But the two are different from each other in a technical way. While the other domains are getting utilized, the cookies can be restricted with the adjustments made by DNS to the www URL of the websites. These technical benefits are not present in a non-www domain.

Non-www domains and www domains are practically not different from each other. However, in the form of different entities these sites can be viewed by search engines. So, there will be a difference between and according to Google. It is responsible for the issue of duplicate content and so we need to avoid this.

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Pros and Cons associated with Non-WWW and WWW

After getting an idea of non-www URLs and www URLs, it is time to see the pros and cons associated with these.

Pros of WWW

A popular strategy for representing the URL of a website in a standard way for a long time is the use of www. As compared to non-www URLs, an apparently more authentic and popular way is the use of www. Also, the www subdomain can have the cookies set by you if you use the www URL.

It is necessary for you to get the knowledge about the working of cookies. The subdomains usually get the cookies from the domain. Let us assume that and are the subdomains of the domain These subdomains will receive the cookies from their domain. In order to prevent the passing of the extra cookies to the subdomains, it is necessary that the root domain uses a www prefix.

Cookies can be restricted by using www URLs and hence the multiple domains of a website will not get any additional cookie. In the case of DNS, much more flexibility is present in the www subdomains and it is an advantage of using www. This makes it very easy to use the CDNs (Content Delivery Networks).

Cons of WWW

When a website is searched by the users then they usually do not type www. As a result, the use of www domains has been outdated. This is the main con with www.

Pros of Non-WWW

It is very simple to type and remember non-www domains. So, direct traffic can be got with this.

More prominence can be seen in the non-www domains and phasing out of the www domains is also observed because a lot of individuals do not take any interest in typing www. However, with the launch of the internet, the use of the prefix www came into existence. But now there is no need to use it.

The data of 4 bytes can be saved as well as the spaces of 4 characters can also be saved if we use a space that is non-www.

A non-www domain will be a good choice when you are not interested in restricting the cookies.

Cons of Non-WWW

In non-www URLs, the additional cookies will pass from the root domain to the subdomains and there is no way to restrict these.

There are no CNAME records in the non-www domains. Therefore, the redirection of traffic between different servers cannot take place.

Which is better among Non-WWW and WWW domains?

While using a www domain you can have several benefits. However, by doing some workarounds, the same benefits can be made available in a non-www domain. So, when using a non-www domain, it is possible to not only enjoy its benefits but also of the www domain.

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