How to Write A Personal Development Plan for Your Career and Life


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Once in a while, every one of us feels lost. Frustrations and failures push us closer to the abyss of vagueness and insecurity.

But are you certain that you aren’t already there for the significant period of your life? Take a hard look at your being. If it consists of mostly needless or aimless actions that have been done in a rush just to go with the flow and their consequences the reason of the feeling is a lack of destination that you should arrive at.

Sure, you have a standard checklist that you’ve received after your fundamental educational process. Its objective is simple. Complete it to become a member of society who contributes to the commonweal. Although it has valuable clauses that you shouldn’t disregard running after all of them can make you lose your personality and ergo your destiny.

The human variety is what makes the world moving and developing. Your unique inborn abilities and formed belief system can help you more to accomplish your life purpose and leave an essential imprint of your existence in the history in time-limited conditions.

The initial step to that is the complete comprehension of the concept and its individual customizing. The second is obvious – an implementation of the personal paradigm. The only remained issue is a method for that.

How to bring order to your life?

If you desire to find a treasure chest hidden on some paradise island you can either spend years exploring every piece of land that emerges on your way or retrieve and apply the map. The reality gives you the same choice. But you shouldn’t waste time seeking an outlined path on a piece of paper. You can draw it yourself.

Our lives consist of little and big moments that’s why we should derive the best of each one to be happy. A personal development plan for your career and life is your assistant for this assignment. It’ll establish an itemized direction that will step by step guide you to your goal.

Why write a plan of the personal development?

For some people completing and especially sticking to a project of their living appears like a freedom restriction. But they don’t realize that by doing that they partly release themselves from more strict limitations set by the life itself. Having a plan at your disposal will help you to organize your thoughts that are origins of the majority of our actions and additionally bring the following advantages.


While you’re walking in the darkness, your life passes by. Spotlight your way to reduce the number of falls and make even them other strides towards the dream.


The availability of this moving force is determined by the presence of answers to questions why? for each particular situation. On some days it’s difficult to respond to them or remember already given replies. The will help you with that.


Escape apathy and internal emptiness, petulance and recklessness by knowing exactly what to do. Yes, the life will make you constantly adjust the scheme, but it’s easier than hasty generating one in the state of emergency.

What is the basis of a personal development plan?

The essence of this planning type is founded and reflected in answers to three what consistent questions.

  • What are your desires?
  • What are their reasons?
  • What paths will you choose to get them?
  • Nothing complicated, is there?

A simple way to simplify the intricated awaiting course of events

A personal development plan structure

An order cannot be achieved with sloppiness and spontaneity. That’s why its framework and an outline of its establishment should be not less organized than the desired result. Review and apply the successive pattern to come up with your own growth plan.

Life Purpose:

What is the meaning of your existence?

Though this question is almost similar to the one that until now great minds can’t find an answer to it doesn’t imply that it can’t be discovered for each human being. This information is built in us and encrypted in attributes of our personality. To extract and decode we should make attempts until we guess the correct pass. Write down your suggestion or affirmation on this topic that will be the primary guideline for your future.

Wishes and Aspirations

Some bounty at the end of a long, challenging way is what makes us depart to an adventure initially. While it remains undetermined, the power of the desire to obtain it is unstable, and you can lose the direction at any moment. Additionally, not to stray the meaning of your wants should be valuable. Otherwise, you would have a route fitting to the wish but not to the life overall.

Convictions and Principles

Our actions represent our beliefs and values. Sometimes we perform in contrary to them, but even then, we contribute to our social image. Although your position in the society is significant for the personal becoming, all your deeds should be dedicated to your or generic tenets and not to its acquiring. Reflect your mindset in your opinions wording to destine yourself for a good cause.

Various Term Objectives

Definite deadlines and aftermaths of their violation are the strong stimuli that implement a stick approach. Set conditions should be strict enough to keep us cold-minded and focused but not to discourage us. Take basic time segments like a day, a week, a month and one, three, five and ten years and allocate your reasonable desires among them and categories. The more prolonged period, the more global goal should be designated for it.

Achievements Log

Since rhetorical support isn’t always convincing to keep track of your accomplishments will come in handy. It’ll be actual evidence that you’re capable of not only conventional life maintaining but also of reaching the things that are outside of the common picture. You can also store material trophies including certificates, medals, etc. until you won’t need any proofs of your strong spirit anymore.

Select an appropriate quantity of pages for each section. Don’t be afraid to dedicate an entire blank page for one clause of the chapter. Express yourself and spread the content the way it’ll be easy to read, to review and to revise. If something has changed, don’t rewrite a sheet just cross the excess out. Thereby you can see the evolution of your judgments.

How to a write a personal development plan?

The process implies thorough soul-searching that’s why before commencing with outline writing set an inspiring ambiance that will bring an appropriate mood. Go for a walk, meditate or listen to the favorite music to calm down and concentrate. Find a cozy, quiet place and eliminate all distractions.

Although there are many digital notebooks that can provide even suitable sheet patterns, opt for paper pads and pen writing since it keeps you more present at the moment, and it’s beneficial for your mind. The same with templates available on the Internet. Use them as samples but bring to their content your custom additions.

A personal development plan for your life is the undertaking for the start of which it can be too late. That’s why don’t postpone with its drafting and realization to avoid unamendable consequences and endless frustrations.

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