WordPress in a Nutshell: What is it and What Are its Benefits?


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WordPress: what’s that?

You have most probably heard of WordPress as each third website globally uses it. Both individual authors creating their blogs and the huge corporations like Sony, the New York Post, Time Inc. adore it.

Of course, it is one of the many platforms for site development and content management, but it is unique in offering lots of features, making it the most popular system of its kind. If you are still hesitant about whether you need WordPress CMS development services, check out this article with an overview of the key benefits of the WordPress platform.

WordPress and Its Competitors

Together with Joomla and Drupal, WordPress is one of the most often used site buildout packages globally. WordPress occupies the leading position among these three systems.

They are all free to install and use, offering various addons for extended operations as well as the potential for customization to fulfill the demands of particular users.

So what makes them different? Joomla and Drupal require a distinct level of technical experience and background in HTML, CSS, and PHP programming. Unlike Joomla and Drupal, WordPress is pretty easy to use even for people with no skills and background in programming. Next to being programming-dummies friendly, WordPress enables more proficient users to work at the more advanced level too.

Key benefits of utilizing WordPress

Let’s analyze the key perks of utilizing WordPress to launch and maintain an individual or business page.

1. It is agile and can be adapted to dynamic needs

Even though WordPress was initially created for blogging purposes and other types of online publishing, it is perfectly suited for powering manifold sites of other characters. It is utilized to run convoluted sites of huge multinationals, boost small businesses, and maintain individual blogs. WordPress-based pages might perfectly well include full-fledged eCommerce shops, demonstrate portfolios, and contain social networks, groups, or podcasts. Basically, its impeccable core complemented by a wide selection of gratis and paid plugins makes WordPress an ideal fit for practically any site, no matter what requirements you set. WordPress can be easily adapted to the dynamic company’s needs with its various themes and easy access to the source files.

2. It is user-friendly (also for beginners)

In fact, a WordPress page can be constructed and run in several minutes only. Not a joke, it is quite uncomplicated even for people with close to zero technical training. All one needs to have is a web hosting account and a domain name. Then it is possible to install WordPress through a hosting provider or directly from the official website WordPress.org. And that’s it. Afterward, a user-friendly and logical Admin dashboard serves as a guide on a WordPress journey. The dashboard contains all the elements required for the site`s heading and outline customization as well as launching pages and posts creation.

3. It contains diverse themes and layouts

WordPress proposes a broad selection of basic and advanced themes which might be applied for polishing the look and the functional capacities of a site. Most of the themes are immediately available for use via the WordPress theme directory, while others can be procured via design marketplaces and third-party designers worldwide. Additionally, layouts can be previewed in real-time and applied at any point to adapt and transform the way a site looks.

4. Its functionality can be endorsed with plugins

WordPress has all the essential components to construct a basic site and also something specialized to satisfy the peculiar needs. Its plugin directory contains 50k+ of plugins, or code fragments designed to deal with specific tasks. This enables adding supplementary options like galleries, contacts forms, video rows, etc. to the sites. In addition to free plugins, one can invest in custom plugins from external developers. The good thing is that they can be installed and deactivated at any point of the site’s functioning.

5. Its sites rank high in the search engines

To appear in searches means to be noticed, to be noticed means to sell. Undoubtedly, searchability is the crucial factor to rank high on the search engines which include Google too. Sites on WordPress are likely to appear high in the search results because of their keywords, regular updates, and WordPress tools and plugins that tune content for SEO purposes.

6. Its sites are dynamic and responsive

Next to SEO, an important factor in Google rankings is mobile responsiveness. It means that the websites have to be good-looking on any device. WordPress achieves this with a wide range of responsive designs. As a user, you can select a responsive design or add appropriate plugins to turn a static website into a responsive one.

7. It features a built-in blog

As a recognized content management system, WordPress goes together with easy content publication. Among other things, this is achieved thanks to built-in blog capacities. They can be accessed from any device at all times so that blog entries can be easily added to the existing website. This allows to include blogging elements with updates or announcements even for those sites that are not necessarily focused on blogs.

8. It is supported by the WordPress community

Being free and open-source, WordPress is supported by manifold fun networks all over the globe. This WordPress lovers community is responsible for changing source files and taking care of its updates and security. It also participates in outreach to users and hosts WordPress camps around the world and supports local WordPress user groups` expansion.

WordPress is utilized by more than 30 percent of CMS-based websites globally, and you now might understand why. It proposes the essential instruments and an array of plugins and themes for the creation of websites of all types whether it’s a convoluted site for a well-established corporation or a personal blog. It makes those tools available to each and every user, even the absolute dummies without any technical training.

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