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WordPress 3.5 is out – Upgrade from 3.4 to 3.5

Ya, you heard the right. WordPress has rolled out its latest version 3.5 called Elvin yesterday. TrickSmash has updated to version 3.5 from old 3.4.2. The overall appearance are changed and I think it’s the most trendy update yet.

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WordPress 3.5 comes with a load of change logs which you can see below. It’s more mobile friendly now. We couldn’t make use of all options in /wp-admin panel from mobile browsers like Opera Mini. But through this update, we can separately edit or see the whole configurations in category wise.

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This update was more concentrated on gallery bug fixes like image uploading, media links etc. Hereafter, the gallery functions are made super fast and feather light. Now you can even upload an image from your mobile phone or add an external link to the post ultra fast.

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Also WordPress has rolled out latest version of twenty xxxx theme. This time we can see the whole new, responsive, typographical supported Twenty Twelve theme. The theme got a whole new look when compared to Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven.

Highlights (as per official website)

*New Media Manager

*Beautiful interface: A streamlined, all-new experience

*Create galleries faster with drag-and-drop reordering, inline caption editing, and simplified controls

*Insert multiple images at once
with Shift/Ctrl+click

Admin Enhancements

*New Welcome Screen

*Retina-Ready (HiDPI) Admin Hide Link Manager for new installs

*Better accessibility for screen readers, touch devices, and keyboard users

*More polish on admin screens,
including a new color picker

What’s New


*Switch to prompt text in QuickPress to accommodate longer
translated input labels

*Button styles updated throughout
Dashboard to more modern, rectangular shape

*Help Text improvements


*Rename the “HTML” editor tab to

*Prevent child categories from being visually promoted to the top level after Quick Edit


Add oEmbed support for,,

*New Media Manager: Insert
multiple galleries per post and
independently order images


*Add visible focus within admin
screens for better accessibility.

*Add “Skip to content” link to all
screens in the admin.

*Add “Skip to toolbar” accessibility
shortcut in the admin.

*Add ability to log out of user
account without mouse input.

*Add “tab out” of the plugins and
themes editors textareas.


*Link Manager is hidden for new
installs and for any existing installs
that have no links (all sites with
existing links are left as is). This
can be restored with Link Manager


Display links in widget if no link


Widgets menu is hidden if your
theme hasn’t defined any sidebars

*Improve display of available
custom headers with jQuery Masonry Plugins favorites on WordPress or can be viewed per user and directly installed from within the Dashboard. (Marking plugins as favorite on WordPress or g)


*Display name defaults to first name and last name for new users

*Force the user to explicitly choose
between content deletion and
reassignment when deleting users


*Remove Settings Privacy Screen
and relocate Search Engine Visibility option to Settings



*Remove oEmbed options from the
Settings Media Screen . Width
adheres to theme’s content width,
height is 1.5 times width

*Enable XML-RPC by default,
remove Writing Settings option

*Remove AtomPub from core, can
be re-enabled with a plugin

*Hide charset option in Settings
Reading Screen in new installs,
default to UTF-8


*Multisite installs now work with
WordPress in a subdirectory

*Turn off ms-files.php by default

*File quotas disabled by default on
new installs

Bug Fixes

*Incorrect URL for second page of
search results

*Re-enable redirect_canonical for

*Handle https for all oEmbed

*Fix featured image overflowing its
meta box in certain situations

*Fix issue where $format and $link
arguments were not being
preserved in previous|next_post_
link filters

*Fix issue with side loaded images
not making it into the correct
upload directories

*Fix multiple captioned image
insertion problems in post editor

How was it? Hope you have updated to the stunning version of WordPress 3.5 and felt the magical improvements. Do let me know what was your experience on having the new version.


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