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Why your organization needs a secure file sharing platform?

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Last Updated on February 9, 2021

In today’s digital world, every business runs on the web with the help of technology devices. Enterprises now work with a remote workforce with the use of different applications on different devices. When it comes to working with the remote workforce, the security of your critical documents is crucial. That is when you should understand the importance of a secure file sharing platform.

Enterprise file Sharing solution from Gladinet is the right solution for enterprises to share files, documents, and data securely. By utilizing a cloud platform, the platform saves data over the cloud by integrating ownership, security, and privacy.

Why an organization needs a secure file sharing platform?

To lead a successful business, you need to consider every single aspect that helps in re-shaping your business model. Secure file sharing and collaboration for enterprises are crucial while managing the remote workforce. With the help of a reliable file sharing solution, we can now manage everything easily with full security of the data and the privacy of the users.

We all know the impact of mobile devices in today’s business model. People have started using mobile devices to order something from the web. Likewise, they can get useful information about the businesses and their services right from mobile devices. To enhance the mobility of the enterprise, secure remote file server access is needed. This solution helps organizations to keep their data and the access authorized and secured.

Triofox is the best solution to expand your business mobility while working with the remote workforce through a secured file sharing platform. The best thing about this solution is it works without the need for a VPN. You don’t need to worry about the files that you are sharing with your employees or workforce as this solution comes with a two-factor authentication security feature.

Besides this, there is one more secure file sharing solution available for enterprises of different sizes. The centrestack provides a secure file sharing platform without compromising the privacy of the data. It uses the advanced infrastructure to protect the ownership, security, and privacy of the files that are being shared through this medium.

Here we have listed down some of the common reasons why every organization should start using the secured file-sharing solution instead of using the public sharing platforms.

Improved Security

File sharing solutions come with enhanced security that protects the ownership and privacy of the users and the organization. Most organizations worry about the damage of their data while sharing them between the users through different platforms. However, with the help of advanced file sharing solutions, there will be no risk of damaging the important files and documents.

Stay organized

Managing a project over the web is quite frustrating as you will have to invite the employees to discuss things on a virtual platform. However, with the file-sharing solution, you can share important information about the project quickly.

A secured platform keeps your important files, documents, and all the other project-related data secured and well-organized. You can share them as a folder or separate files. Likewise, you can also assign a particular task from the files that were already sent using this solution. This helps in keeping track of the on-going project.

Auto backup

Advanced file-sharing solutions now utilizing cloud-storage services. With an automatic backup of the files and documents, it saves a lot of time as one need not share the same files and data again and again. They also don’t need to upload the big files and data again and again. Instead, they can simply use the sharing option to share the already uploaded files to the remote workforce.

Easy Collaboration

Communication is crucial to run a successful business. Since you do not have the time to have a face-to-face communication workforce, a secured file-sharing medium can offer the right solution to have fruitful communication between the team members.


File sharing platforms allow team members, employee, and all the remote workforce to share their videos, documents, files, and presentations on a separate folder which can be shared within the team. The uploader can give access to all these files between the members which makes communication and collaboration much easier.

These were some of the reasons why every organization should plan to use the file-sharing solution and forget about using the traditional solutions. It provides mobile-file sharing, easy synchronization with auto-backup over the cloud, enhanced data security, quick collaboration, and many other useful features that are essential to keep the files secured and private while maintaining their ownership.

Final Words:

If you run a startup or own a business and want to improve its productivity through a remote workforce, then start using this solution. You can have all the information about these solutions from their official websites. Get the required information and start using the reliable file-sharing solution for your organization!


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