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Several DIY courses and videos are available on the internet where you can learn to design websites. With these tutorials, you may be able to design simple websites. But when it comes to core programming website needs, it is essential that you hire professionals like Phoenix web designers that can help to create smart dynamic websites according to your needs.

Moreover, you can’t DIY when you consider some critical issues that will arise such as the security of personal information, attachment of third-party functionality, and compatibility with different devices. Also, if you want to create a responsive WordPress website design, hiring a web designer with adequate experience is ideal.

Below you will find a few other reasons you need a professional designer.

5 Reasons you should hire a professional web designer


You don’t want to waste time and resources creating a website that no one can find. Aside from the few people who may have direct access to your website’s link, you’ll want people to find your website in organic search results. Your website should satisfy some criteria that make appearing on the first SERP easier.

This process is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Professional website designers with adequate experience know which basic things need to be added to your website. One example of this is redirects. Professionals will know how to set up redirects that go from your old website to your new website. This will prevent pages from breaking and immensely help with SEO. Such considerations will make your website appear when people search for topics related to services mentioned on your website.


Designing a website may not be a concern since there are many designers who can help you achieve this. But after the domain registration and monthly hosting are set up, other problems such as broken links, crashed sites, and communication issues will come into the picture.

Many such problems can only be solved with experience and in-depth knowledge of web design. Hiring a proficient designer assures you of having support if your website has problems in the future or if you have questions. Companies often hire a solo web designer or ask an employee to work on their website. In many of these cases, the designer creates a complicated, custom website that is difficult to edit or fix in the future, especially if the employee leaves the company or if the designer is no longer communicative. That is why it is best to hire trustworthy agencies like Aneandartherstudios.com for website design projects.

Responsive designs for mobile devices

Many people can’t afford the luxury of owning a laptop, while others are not comfortable with carrying a laptop around. As such, many internet users access the internet via smartphones and tabs. In addition, technology keeps birthing new mobile devices daily. Your DIY web design course may not include adequate information covering that.

Internet users who have to readjust and zoom in and out on a particular webpage may be forced to move to the next. Such a problem, for example, commonly happens when the website lacks the meta viewport element. Sometimes, unresponsive images could be the problem. A web designer knows the dos and don’ts to get this right.

Security of information

Often, when we see the “your connection is not secure” or “this site is not secure,” error messages appear during web searches. This could be a huge turnoff for anyone on the page. You can imagine the traffic you’d be losing if you fail to keep this in check. To avoid this, your website needs an SSL certification.

The SSL certificate authenticates a website’s identity and creates encryption for all information shared between a browser and the server. This is important because any information shared on a web page without the SSL is out in the open and can be intercepted by third parties. Only a web designer can put all these in place and help you get the best offer from the right sources.


If you’re building a website for a standard business with knowledgeable clients, you’d better not design the website yourself. Professional website designers have the experience and are also familiar with the latest trends in web design.

In addition, knowledge garnered from experience in web designing makes it easy for pro designers to create a balanced-looking site. An aesthetic-looking webpage should have properties such as a proper text-to-image ratio, color schemes, and fonts. Your DIY course doesn’t cover that, so go to the pros.


Learning something from free DIYs videos and posts on the internet is a good idea. However, this doesn’t replace the need for professionals. Your DIY guide will likely fail to site out possible problems you’ll encounter and corresponding solutions.

Hiring a proficient website designer or company gives you the benefit of leveraging a technical backup in case of emergencies. Also, you’ll save yourself the time and stress of spending extra money for corrections after laboring on a website.

Lastly, you shouldn’t ruin your site’s reputation with a website that looks unprofessional. So, get the experts to create that responsive website that ensures success.