Is It Necessary? Why You Should Get a MacBook Pro Screen Protector for Your MacBook Air


MacBooks are an important tool for consumer segments that range from college students to business professionals. If you need to work with information in any form, it’s very likely that you use one.

These innovative devices are an exceptional example of the best that technology has to offer. However, you’ll need to do more than keep your software up-to-date to keep your cutting-edge laptop pristine and humming along smoothly.

Today’s laptops rival and sometimes best their desktop counterparts. They are easy to transport and allow students and business professionals to work with files wherever they need to go. While MacBooks excel in the portability arena compared to desktops, this benefit is exactly what exposes them to increased risk of damage.

Is It Worth the Risk to Leave Your Screen Unprotected?

Unpacking and setting up a new MacBook Pro is a special occasion. On first glance, you can see the quality and craftsmanship that went into the manufacture of your new device.

As you take in your laptop’s awesomeness and brilliance, a Mac screen protector is probably not the first thing that you think about. Of course, many MacBook Pro owners start looking for an attractive carrying case right away. Unfortunately, that fashionable case will not protect the screen.

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Cases do protect the exterior of the device from damage. They’re especially beneficial for MacBook Pro owners who frequently transport and use their devices on the go. Still, the interior of your MacBook is not a sturdy as it’s a shell.

How Do Screens Get Damaged?

Your MacBook screen can become damaged in many ways. Let’s face it. Life can sometimes get hectic. You may sometimes find yourself frantically rushing from one place to another and forget to handle your device with care. When this happens, your attention is divided and you’re not really thinking about how much damage you might inflict on your invaluable MacBook.

At times, you may have a lot to haul around. It’s easy to throw your laptop into a bag along with heavy books and documents and not realize how much pressure you’re placing on the device, which can rub the keys against the screen.

Of course, there are common ways that screens get damaged. On-screen dirt and smudges are often the common outcomes of heavy use. In a rush, it’s easy to use the wrong, cloth to clean your screen. This can result in expensive and permanent damage.

Apple’s Odd Take on the Matter

In a seemingly counterintuitive move, Apple has reportedly removed screen protectors from all of its online and retail locations. Mysteriously, the major corporation has not revealed their reasoning behind this decision.

Industry insiders speculate that Apple wants to prove that their screens don’t need protection. Despite this, MacBook owners know from experience that this is not the case. Nevertheless, Apple is removing all screen coverings from stores, including antiglare film, mirrored screen protectors and privacy film.

It’s unlikely that the latest iteration of the MacBook comes with a screen that’s impervious to sunlight, glare and prying eyes. Resultantly, MacBook owners will have no alternative but to buy screen protectors from other manufacturers.

While third-party screen protectors are popular among MacBook owners, they’re often hard to install. Still, Apple’s latest move will result in a sales uptick for screen protection manufacturers. If you don’t know what to look for, however, you’re simply throwing your money away.

The Argument for MacBook Screen Protectors

MacBook Pro owners enjoy the benefit of exceptional performance. In fact, the devices quickly become a part of consumers’ everyday life.

With heavy use, however, screen damage is often unavoidable. Many MacBook Pro owners have had the unfortunate experience of realizing that the keyboard scratches the screen. This is often a surprising revelation considering that the device is such a high-quality piece of hardware.

It seems unfathomable that MacBooks are well-known to have a problem in this arena. Many laptops that cost much less fare much better in remaining relatively scratch free.

Consumers have reported that MacBook Pro Retina displays are especially prone to damage. In time, this issue can escalate to peeling. At this point, the device is eligible for repair under warranty, but who wants to go without their MacBook for a week or more while waiting for the fix?

Look for Added Bonuses

The logical solution is to protect your screen, but you want one that installs easily. Also, you don’t want a low-end screen protector that will warp and bubble, distorting your display.

Screen protectors aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You want a covering made specifically for your MacBook Pro. Furthermore, you should look for a screen protector that provides an improved viewing experience.

In addition to these qualities, look for screen protector suppliers who make it easier to work with their product. For example, top manufacturers might include a microfiber cloth to help you prepare your MacBook Pro screen before installing the film.

A hard card is another great tool that some manufacturers include with your purchase to make sure that your new screen protector is installed properly. These small add-ons only take a moment to use, but make a world of difference in the final appearance and durability of the installation.

You don’t have to drop your MacBook to damage your screen. Depending on how you use your device, your screen can experience significant damage over time. While the MacBook is superior to other devices in many ways, it’s not bulletproof. Accordingly, it makes sense to protect your investment.

Apple does a lot of work to make sure that their customers are satisfied. Still, it’s a business, and their ultimate goal is to earn revenue. In other words, you can’t count on the firm to make repairs that they deem superficial. As a MacBook owner, it’s your responsibility to protect your investment.

A high-quality screen protector will protect your MacBook Pro from accidents and wear. Furthermore, it will save you time and possibly the cost of repairing the device.

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