Why You 100% Need To Get Backlinks for SEO

Last updated on July 5th, 2022 at 10:06 am

Did you know that there are over 1 billion websites around the globe? If you are a small business and have a website but feel like you are not being found online, you might have to look into adding backlinks to improve your Google ranking. We have put together this guide to share exactly what backlinks are and why you need to get backlinks as part of your digital marketing strategy.

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What Is a Backlink?

Before we go into why you need backlinks to help your website, let’s clear up what backlinks are. Backlinks are when one website links to another website, and sometimes they are called inbound links. They are useful for search engines because they give your website a stamp of approval from another site.

The key is to have high-quality backlinks from reputable websites vs from spammy sites. These are some of the top reasons you want to have backlinks for your site:

Improves Organic Ranking

One major reason you want to work on getting backlinks is that it will improve your organic ranking on search engines. Search engines will start seeing your website as an authority figure in your niche and will push it up in the results when people are searching.

Sites like Google start assuming that your site is credible and a good source for them to recommend your website when people are searching. The more websites link back to your website, the quicker you will become an authority in whatever your niche is. Google uses backlinks as a factor when they are trying to figure out what your site is about.

Boost Referral Traffic

Another benefit of backlinks is that they will add to your traffic because you will receive visitors that click on your website from another website. This is considered a referral visit by Google, and they are more targeted traffic, which equates to a lower bounce rate.

Raise Brand Awareness

When a website links to your website, it helps bring awareness to your site. Visitors from the other sites will start to see your brand more often, raising your brand awareness. Once a visitor lands on your website, you can strategically place a widget for related content that they might be interested in to keep them exploring your site.

Every time a visitor lands on your website from a backlink, you want to make sure that your copy is written with SEO in mind. Here you can learn what is SEO copywriting. This type of copy will ensure that your posts are always written with search engines in mind.

Ready to Get Backlinks for Your Site?

Now that you have learned the ins and outs of backlinks and why you need to get backlinks as part of your marketing strategy, you can start mapping out your plan.

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