Why Verification of Document is Prestigious While Onboarding the End-user


Maximum organizations are frustrated regarding the accumulated quantity of fraud cases and are frightened for the security of sensitive credentials of the clients, this is the reason that all institutions are well aware now and are searching for comprehensive ways to detect the forged cases, but they do not know from where they have to make a start.

For that, document verification compliance was introduced, which will accommodate all departments in the authentication of fake entities and their forged documents. Moreover, this compliance will help an institution in providing safety to the personal data of legal clients. It is estimated that by the end of the year 2022, there will be a ratio of 80 percent of organizations that will be using identity document verification.

What is Online Document Verification?

Document verification solution is a SaaS, which is serving all institutions vastly with accurate results. It is performed for the security of the personal information of the end-users. This is a process of verifying forged documents that are edited, tampered with, or photoshopped, in this, a person uses the identity of another person for their own benefit.

This SaaS provider comes up with accurate results after the verification process in real-time and accommodates an organization in detecting that this person is not high-alert for the system. Moreover, in the current age, this document verification solution is considered as the developed form of verification because it works digitally with artificial intelligence and machine algorithms, that do not give a single chance of errors and verifies in real-time by staying at home with the comfort level of the clients.

But, on the other side, there is a manual form of authentication that is not suitable for any of the working stations, as it does not provide accurate results as well it takes a long time in verification and need a physical presence, which is not possible for the customer to make their presence in real in this pandemic. For all of this process, the documents that are required for the identification are the driving license of the end-user, his national identity card, and other legal documents, which need to be shown on the camera for verification along with a selfie of a person.

Required Credentials in Document Verification Solution

There are some particular legal documents that are a need in the mechanism of the document verification process for the attestation of the individuality of the clients, such as;

  • Passports
  • National identity cards
  • Driving license
  • Live clicked selfie

Types of Fraud Documents

Fraudsters use their full effort to generate forged documents for their benefit, which helps them in dragging down the reputation of their systems. Such fake documents are given below;

  • Forged documents
  • Modified documents
  • Illegitimate documents

Forged Documents

Documents that do not look like authentic documents and do not have holograms and rainbow patterns on them as real documents, and are totally forged.

Counterfeit Documents

Such verification documents that are not newly created but are physically stolen and altered are known as deceptive documents, which help in evading an institution.

Modified Documents

Documents that are modified by cropping, altering, and tampering with and are edited by scammers to damage an authentic business. Furthermore, all laws for the authentication of documents are followed by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for the attestation of photoshopped and edited documents by observing the fonts and changes in the pixels.

AI and Machine Learning for Clients Verification

AI-enabled document authentication SaaS provider is one of the prestigious steps, disclosing the forged documents, which strengthen all businesses to determine the imposter and real documents for safeguarding the personal credentials of their clients. The checks that are significant for detection are given below;

  • Attestation of format
  • Verifying the originality of the document
  • Examining the crumpled and folded edge of a document
  • Checking the real MRZ code
  • Distinguishing the photoshopped, edited, and forged documents
  • Verification of Micro prints is also performed
  • Rainbow prints and holograms are monitored in depth
  • Attestation of specific ink and paper which is used by governments

ID Document Verification – Providing A Sense Of Security In The Increasing Digital Fraud

In a Nutshell

Concluding the whole above-written information, it is clear that all organizations face issues like document fraud that lessens the worth and productivity of businesses and affects their reputation drastically. For this instance, the mechanism of the verification documents is practiced which helps businesses in maintaining the security problems of the personal data of the customers.

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