Why Use Infographics in Your Digital Marketing?


Marketers love infographics. Nearly three-quarters of them are using visuals in social media messaging. No wonder when 84% of companies believing them to be effective.

Why Use Infographics in Your Digital Marketing? Infographics are a visually appealing way to give your target customers information they’re looking for. Read on to learn more about why you should be using infographics.

What is an Infographic?

It’s information or data. It’s visual. Infographics are those clever graphical representations of sometimes complex information you see everywhere on the best websites.

Infographics are usually a mix of text and graphics. The text is captured as an image so the whole thing is an integrated package of information.

So, why is it that so many marketers love them?

Share It Easily on Social Media

It’s one thing to create content on your web site but it’s so much more difficult to make that content useful for social media. A blog may be interesting to many of your customers but it’s not easy to share on social media.

Take the essential information you want to communicate in a blog and place it in an infographic. You have something that works well on social media.

This infographic can get a message across itself. More than then it can be a gateway back to your website and to further content, such as your blog.

Your customers, followers, and fans can share an infographic easily with their social network too. It doesn’t come across as a sales pitch. It’s the added value that says something about your brand as well as transmitting informative content.

Engages Attention

Graphics are engaging in a way that text-based content can never be. When you are short of time or want to access information rapidly, we literally “look” for information. We use our visual sense.

Infographics work because 90% of the information we transmit to our brains is visual. In a sense communicating with infographics is going with the grain of the way our brain works. No wonder that visuals improve our learning by 400%.

When you are competing with so much other communication and information, you have to go with what’s effective. Images engage attention, so you have to use them.

They Go Viral

The capacity to be shared easily on social media and their accessibility means infographics are the ideal material to go viral. It’s very hard to predict what will go viral. But if that is your ambition then at least make it easy for people to share by using infographics.

More for Less

Infographics allow you to communicate more information but succinctly. With so much information packed into a small infographic, you are getting more for less. More content for less effort.

When people share your infographic, you are getting more reach for less investment too. More for less has got to be an attractive use of your marketing budget.


If you attach your logo to an infographic, whenever it is shared, your brand is also promoted. Take care to create infographics you are proud of.

The content and design say something about the brand attached to them. Make sure they reflect your brand values. If your brand stands for quality and service don’t attach your logo to inaccurate, unhelpful or shoddy infographics.

So Why Use Infographics?

Infographics deliver a return for your investment that text alone can’t achieve. Why use infographics? They help you achieve your marketing objectives.

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