Why Select React Native for Mobile App Development?


react native app development

Are you planning to build native mobile apps? Consider using React Native APIs. Yes! React Native is an open-source UI software framework created by Facebook, Inc. You can either use react-native in your existing Android and iOS projects or create a whole new app from scratch.

Want to learn more about React Native and its importance for mobile app development? Don’t worry! In this article, we are going to talk all about React Native app development in detail. Stay with us and keep reading.

What do you mean by React Native?

As mentioned above, React Native was created by Facebook in 2015. And, in the year 2018, React Native had the second-highest number of contributors for any repository in GitHub. React Native allows you to create truly native apps without compromising your users’ experience.

Get a core set of platform native components like view, text, and image that can map directly to the platform’s native UI building blocks. With the power of JavaScript, React Native allows you to iterate at a fast speed. React Native has been used by many apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Flipkart, Uber Eats, and many more.

Process of App Development with React Native

Well, React Native enables developers to create apps with JavaScript codes and native by creating a link between the app and the target platform. React Native’s bridge system utilizes the React Library and transfers the components to a mobile view. React Native first translates any action taken by the user into an event that JavaScript can handle.

After this, it translates the native elements into components React can easily comprehend. A React Native mobile app is easy to understand as it is single-threaded. However, there are some JS specifics that you need to look into to avoid performance complications.

Benefits of Using React Native Framework for Mobile App Development

benefits of react native

React Native brings a suite of comprehensive benefits not only for developers but also for several businesses. Let us look into some of the best benefits of using a React Native framework:

  • Get Great App Performance

React Native utilizes the graphics processing unit to enhance the speed and performance of apps. With React Native, you can achieve 60 frames per second. Hence, you can consider choosing React Native over webview-based tools.

  • Save Time

With React Native, you get a plethora of ready-to-use components. So, there is no need to build everything right from scratch. It allows you to create MVPs faster. The best part is React Native has a single code that can be used both for iOS and Android. This, in turn, saves time on creating everything separately.

  • Debug Easily

Thanks to the single codebase of React Native that helps in early bug detection. With one single fix, you can remove all the bugs in all operating systems at one time. Also, the ‘hot reload’ feature helps perform functions like error handling at run time and the results instantly.

  • Personalized User Experience

The React Native stack was created with the feature to segregate framework, native, Javascript code and styling. This provides the developers with the opportunity to create different styles of applications. It allows you to offer a personalized experience to all users for the same application.

  • Best Cross-Platform Apps Developed in React Native

React Native allows you to create cross-platform apps with a single codebase. This enables you to offer a consistent and smooth user experience across all platforms. You can manage both Android and iOS apps from a single platform.

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Top companies that use React Native framework

Thanks to the multiple advantages offered by React Native, many famous companies selected it for their app development. In this section, we shall discuss some of those companies one by one:

  1. Facebook

Being the creator of React Native, Facebook is the most predictable name in the list. Earlier, Facebook utilized React Native only for the iOS version of the app but now, it provides the user interface for the Android version too. It also leveraged the React Native framework during the development of the Facebook Ads Publication. Facebook makes sure to optimize the React Native- based parts of the application.

  • Walmart

Did you know 95% of Walmart’s codebase is shared between Android and iOS apps? This simultaneous work helps save extra labor costs. React Native allows Walmart apps to function across all platforms conveniently. It has led to the growing popularity of Walmart with $500 million revenue on a yearly basis. Its application has features like online shopping, product search, and much more.

  • Adidas Glitch

Adidas also uses React Native for its Android and iOS apps. The app allows customers to build a shoe exactly how they want. It provides the app users with personalized user experiences across all platforms.

  1. Pinterest 

The popular social media platform, Pinterest, also uses React Native for its mobile app development. It allows for the easy exchange of ideas and images among different app users. The react native implementation did not take much time. For iOS, it took 10 days while for Android, it took 2 days to port the screen. The implementation used 100% shared UI code.

  • Tesla

Corporate giant Tesla also performs app development with React Native. The user interface for both Android and iOS app users is the same. React Native allows for the smooth functioning of the Tesla app across all platforms.

What Industries can Perform Mobile App Development with React Native?

To boost customer satisfaction and user experience, React Native can be one of the best options to use for your mobile app development. Due to its cost-effective nature and easy maintenance, React Native is used by diverse industries. Let us have a look at some of them one by one.

  • Learning Management System

The LMS app development with React Native has features like Learnuim and Canvas Teacher.

  • On-Demand Content Industry

This section includes popular live-streaming platforms like Netflix. Thanks to its react-native stack, it runs across all devices smoothly.

  • Social Media Platforms

Popular social media platforms such as Instagram use React native framework. No doubt that it provides users with a great user experience.

  • Finance & Banking

React Native APIs can be utilized to build impactful FinTech cross-platform applications.

  • Transportation

Even the transportation sector is not alien to the advantages of the React Native stack. Famous transport and food app, Uber Eats also uses React Native framework. React Native uses location information to build such apps.

  • Entertainment

The famous fashion magazine, Vogue, also uses react native for its mobile app development. This means that there’s scope for the entertainment and fashion industry to use React Native Chat SDK for app development.

  • Healthcare

Many famous healthcare entities like Oscar use react-native framework for their mobile app development. Healthcare systems can efficiently use react-native to make their app accessible across all platforms easily.

  • Travel & Tourism

Airbnb is one of the most popular hospitality and tourism apps that uses react native. This clears the fact that other travel businesses can use it too.

  • Logistics

Mobile app development with React Native can also be performed by logistics businesses. It ensures smooth cross-platform functionality and maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Real Estate

React Native framework can also be used by the real estate industry. Popular real estate app Breezeway also uses react native for its app development.

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We hope our article helped you gain a fair understanding of all the crucial nuances revolving around mobile app development with React Native. With easy-to-use and maintain advantages, React Native can be utilized by both large companies and small businesses. So, what are you thinking now? Build your mobile app by leveraging react native framework and boost your customer satisfaction today.

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