Why Scaling Businesses Need Industrial Computer Solutions


Last updated on January 18th, 2023 at 08:44 pm

Scaling in any business industry is always good as long as its operations and workflow can keep up with its growth. As businesses continue to experience growth, the progress will reach a point where the use of regular desktop PCs will no longer be practical and may even hold the progress back to some degree. It is at this stage that businesses should shift to industrial computer systems to maintain and boost their growth and ultimately, their bottom line.

What are examples of such systems and how will can they benefit businesses? Below are three examples of industrial computer solutions.

Rack Mount Computers

As the term implies, a rack mount computer is a computer that is housed in a specialized type of enclosure called rack mount cases. These enclosures are designed to be mounted in a sturdy steel rack framework in slots that are called “bays.” The racks come in standard widths of 19 inches or 23 inches and different bay sizes to accommodate the standard rack mount heights. Depending on the computing requirements of the business, the rack mount heights may come in 1U, 2U, 3U and so forth. A 1U rack mount is 1.75 inches high, 2U is twice as high at 3.5 inches and 3U three times as high at 5.25 inches.

Rack mount computers are a better alternative to traditional desktop central processing units (CPUs) for growing businesses. Instead of the CPU sitting on the side or under office desks, they are in a specialized room within the bay of racks. The office computer peripherals like the monitor, keyboard and mouse connect to the PC via cables that run through the ceilings, walls or floor. Rack mounting can also be done on other network devices such as servers, routers and switches.

This type of industrial computer solutions affords the business the convenience of having a centralized data center and server hub. This frees up more space in the office, making it appear more organized without the tangled cables and wirings. With the PCs in a controlled environment, the units are easier to maintain and thus will have a longer service life. If any of the computers need to be fixed, the information technology (IT) technicians can service them without disrupting the normal office work. Keeping the computers in a server room prevents unauthorized personnel from fiddling with them, and the setup provides another layer of security for the company’s data.

Industrial Touchscreen Monitors

Industrial touchscreen monitors take businesses to another technological level. Such systems have a wide range of applications, and these include the medical, manufacturing and mining industries. Industrial touchscreen monitors connect to rack mount computer systems that are programmed with industry-specific functions to automate what would otherwise be labor-intensive and repetitive tasks.

Industrial-grade monitors are rated to function on an industrial scale, which means that they are highly durable, more accurate, require less maintenance and intuitive. Such monitors should also have versatile mounting options for ease of installation. Some industries may require the monitors to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Panel PCs

Panel PCs are similar to industrial touchscreen monitors. However, panel PCs don’t rely on a computer server. Instead, they come with their own CPUs that are pre-programmed to respond to various inputs and commands. This eliminates the need for the panel control to be connected to a central server. Just like the industrial touchscreens, panel PCs are also highly durable and versatile.

Growing businesses may yet continue to experience growth without upgrading their computer systems to industrial computer solutions. However, upgrading to industrial levels will ensure progress and may even boost it exponentially. Check out other industrial computer solutions to see which ones will best suit your business.

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