Why it Matters: Analyzing On-Site SEO Content

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Last Updated on February 26, 2019

Building a website or revamping an existing site is no small task. With everything from coding to content management systems clamoring for attention, there is much to consider. Throughout the creation of on-site content, it is essential to consider how Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, plays a role.

If you are looking for search engines to notice your site, it is fundamental to utilize SEO correctly. Conducting an analysis can identify ways to strengthen SEO in on-site content.

What is SEO?

In 2019, SEO is a need-to-know, have-to-use tool for content creators. It operates as an analytical process used to curry favor with search engines, like Google, who determine what content is displayed first in search engine results. The stronger the SEO, the higher the ranking in terms of where your site ranks on Google’s results list.

How Do I Use SEO in My On-Site Content?

SEO considers multiple factors, like location tags, links on other websites, and behind the scenes coding changes. As you build a site, think about the content creation and what message the content sends. This message is not just for the target market, but also for search engines.

Search engines like web pages with multiple pages of content. This means creating several layers of your site, like drop-down menus for services rather than one block of text on one services page. It means breaking up Contact Info and About the Team pages to provide more layers – but still maintaining easy navigation and flow for visitors.

Content creation is also about what you are writing – and the use of keywords. If you want your site to appear in specific searches, those keywords need to appear on the site. The more specific, the better, especially if you can use location landers.

What If I Need Help?

On-site content management is just the first of many steps towards great SEO. Designing a website for both customers and search engines can be challenging. If you are new to SEO or don’t have the resources dedicated to the implementation of SEO, tap in people who do know and can help. Firms like TBS Marketing ( are great resources.

A firm can conduct an audit and analyze where your site currently stands. Sometimes simple changes to content really boost SEO rankings! Plus, an outside set of eyes can ensure content is being written in a digestible, understandable format for people who are not experts on the topic.

How Can an Analysis Help?

An analysis of the site – whether by a firm or other content managers – can help improve the site’s SEO ranking. Analysis can identify areas to develop the content further and incorporate target keywords more. This helps the site capture Google’s attention.

Starting with an on-site analysis is the first step towards creating a comprehensive SEO campaign that will ultimately boost site traffic.

What are Some Other SEO Tips and Tricks?

There’s no one way to improve site rankings through SEO. There are some best practices that can help though! Keep in mind these practices change with new search engine algorithms. A solid approach to an SEO overhaul is to create a holistic approach to the process.

Here are some great tips and tricks behind a holistic overhaul of SEO content:

  • Create a tailor-made approach, what works for one does not work for all.
  • Clean up descriptions and meta tags periodically
  • Periodically improve sitemaps as content grows
  • Create an internal link building
  • Fix grammatical and spelling errors to improve search engine recognition
  • Optimize headers and content with keywords

Ready to get started with an on-site analysis of SEO content? Keep in mind your target audience and what they are looking for in an Internet search. You have the answers they need, now just connect it to Google SEO analytics to be the first thing they see!

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