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Sooner or later, many, having played enough with buggy Windows laptops, are faced with a choice – take a Windows laptop again or fork out, collect all the money won with the welcome bonus in Australia for a fundamentally new device on macOS.

And here a lot of questions arise – is the MacBook really as good as they say about it, is it suitable specifically for my tasks, and how are things with performance compared to a good laptop running Microsoft OS?

We will try to answer all these questions in this article, having studied the MacBook in all possible aspects and from all sides.

1. Screen

Almost all modern MacBooks are equipped with high-quality IPS matrices of high resolution (Retina). Those. you are guaranteed to get excellent image quality and you will surely not go wrong with this, but just in case, take a look at the product description.

2. Processor

Most MacBooks are equipped with a low-cost Intel Core i7 U-series processor, which will be sufficient for most professional applications (audio, video editing, 3D rendering) at the hobbyist level.

But, if you work with serious projects on an ongoing basis and it is important for you to do it as quickly as possible, then it is better to give preference to a Windows laptop with a much more powerful professional Intel processor from the H or HQ series. Yes, there are MacBooks with such processors, but they are very expensive (from $ 3500).

3. Video Card

Here, MacBooks are traditionally sad, they are equipped with discrete graphics below the average level, probably because they cannot fit a powerful cooling system in their compact case.

Yes, this graphics is quite enough for everyday tasks and amateur video editing, but it is not suitable for complex professional projects, you will have to take a laptop on Windows or an external video card. One could not even mention modern heavy games at all, since this is the prerogative of the Microsoft platform, they simply do not make them on the Mac. Although, of course, there are all sorts of casual and creative toys to distract yourself a little.

4. RAM

There will be no problems here, since modern MacBooks are equipped with a sufficient amount of RAM (on average 16 GB), plus they are able to use memory much more efficiently than the operating system from small soft ones.

5. Disk System

MacBooks come with fast SSD drives, but they are relatively small in size. On average, this is 256 GB, and 512 GB models are already significantly more expensive.

This means that a relatively inexpensive MacBook model will not be enough to store a large number of voluminous projects. In a laptop on Windows, this is much better; for a very affordable price, you can take a model with an SSD and HDD. But this is not yet a reason to abandon the MacBook since you can replace the SSD with a larger one in it, or just buy an external drive.

6. Autonomy

Battery life is a strong point for all Apple devices, and MacBooks are no exception. Most models can work up to 10 hours on a single charge in office/internet mode.

Of course, there are ordinary laptops with powerful batteries, but they are far from the autonomy of MacBooks since they have much better power consumption optimizations.

7. Touchpad and Keyboard

MacBooks are renowned for their touchpads – they are large, have excellent sensitivity and support for advanced gestures, which makes them incredibly easy to use.

MacBooks’ keyboard is also doing well, except that sometimes the keys fall off and you need to handle it gently. Although, if something happens in the service, it will be replaced quickly and without problems. We will not talk about the service separately, we will just note that it is the best in the world.

8. Software

MacOS is not only a much faster, more reliable, and user-friendly operating system, but also many great applications that just work.

You don’t have to dance with a tambourine to get your laptop to do what you want it to do. Just launch the application and work, its settings are optimal, everything has already been thought out for you. Nothing slows down or glitches here – this is what you should buy a MacBook for.