Why Is It Important For Designers To Learn 3D Designing?


If you are a designer, you must already be aware of 3D designs. It’s a concept that is becoming increasingly popular as it provides a number of benefits to all designers as well as for those who hire them.

If you are still resting in the world of 2D designing, it’s time you change that and start learning about creating 3D designs. It will be highly beneficial for you. Some of the reasons why you must learn this designing technique are:

It Gives A Better Sense of Shapes in the Actual World

If you are creating some complex geometric designs via sketching them in 2D, it will be difficult for you to comprehend what the design would actually look like when it’s replicated in reality. 3D modeling solves this problem.

You can create designs with complex geometry and can view them from every angle. You’ll be able to make proper adjustments to your design by figuring out any flaws in the shape of various elements.

It Can Help Improve Your Designs

As a creative designer, you must have often come across situations where you faced difficulty in designing a shape that couldn’t be well represented in 2D sketches. This can often lead to your vision not being presented properly. This problem is eliminated when you use 3D modeling.

You can create shapes and alter their curves, reflection angles and so much more to give your design the life it requires. You’ll be able to create designs in a better way as you’ll be able to properly envision how it will look like in real life once it’s produced.

Enables Better Evaluation Of Designs

While production companies need to use physical models of any new product to determine if some changes need to be made before producing them on a large scale, it takes up a lot of time and effort to create and re-create these models.


With the help of 3D modeling, you will be able to create well-detailed models of any product and with the help of rendering and 3D printing, will be able to see firsthand just how the product would feel in real life. It will also be easier to make any changes in the design after feedback and you’ll be able to figure out if the dimensions you are going for would actually be suitable or not.

Communicating with The Design Team Becomes Easier

It is no secret that designers often find it difficult to present a clear picture of how their work would look in real life because it’s difficult to factor in a lot of things in 2D modeling. This can be troublesome for everyone involved.

With online 3D modeling, you can forget about this problem. You’ll be able to create highly detailed designs which will clearly reflect your vision and will also be easier to make changes if needed.

A number of design techniques available

You don’t have to stick to a single technique for all your design work when creating 3D models. There are a number of techniques like a box, polygon, digital sculpting, and so on. All of these techniques can be used for creating designs of different kinds.

Having more techniques will ensure that as a designer, you always find the best approach for any kind of detailing you to want to add to your models. The more techniques you know, the better it will be for you as you will be able to justify all the projects that come to you.

Your Career can hit high with 3D Designing

3D modeling has become a whole new profession. There are countless applications of 3D modeling in several industries like SelfCAD. This deserves a special mention because of its ease of use and other star features that makes it one of the best tools in your toolkit as a designer. By being an expert 3D modeler, you’d be able to get a number of opportunities for designing in different fields.


More and more industries are trying to hire 3D designers instead of the conventional 2D ones because they bring in a lot of benefits. You’d be able to design for film productions, video games, manufacturing companies, the possibilities are endless. In the coming years, the demand for 3D modelers will soar and it is sure to benefit you.

These reasons should be enough for you to realize just how important it is for a designer to know 3D designing.

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